Monday, June 21, 2010

I Love the Zoo

We have a season pass to the Zoo
It is so much fun to just run in for a couple of hours
See what you can and when you get tired
just go home

It has turned into mine and Lawson's place
He just about knows his way around
Sometimes he knows his way around too good
We invited his Mom to go on this trip

Splish Splash...We Were Having a Blast

On Memorial Day

Not many words needed
I'll say a few

Good Times
Good Food
FamilyThe view from the"MEME FLOAT"

We officially declared the trees in the big pots
"dead" on Memorial Day
All taken care of now

Sunday, June 20, 2010

IKEA or Bust

This story began 18 months ago
I always get a Christmas wish list from my Grandchildren
On the 2008 list was the wish for homework/computer tables from IKEA
I loved that wish
So I sent word that MeMe would be getting those
Well, I did not have time to go to Atlanta
Of course, I go to my computer and pull up IKEA
Yes, indeed, IKEA had the tables they wanted and they were a great price
I did not put in the order right then
About 3 weeks before Christmas
I went online to order these tables
I was so impressed with the tables and the price
I got to the checkout section of ordering
My mouth fell open and I was sure I had made a mistake somewhere
I went back to see what I had done wrong
Guess what....
Nothing wrong
$300.00 to ship a table
I told Kim
I asked her to double check I hadn't made a mistake
Well, I could see where shipping would be higher
not gona pay that
Started hunting another table
Nothing we liked
I gave the girls a card that said MeMe and Pops
would ride to Atlanta and buy the tables when we had time
(Don't worry, they got plenty of presents under the tree)
We could go to Atlanta, buy the tables and spend 2 nights
for the cost of shipping on two tables
time went on and we never seemed to make it to Atlanta
I had the money sitting there for the girls tables
I finally told Kim that me and her would find a way to load those tables and we were going
Kim and I set out on our IKEA road trip the
last week in May
I had never been to IKEA
I was amazed
I had worked out a timeline for this trip
Needless to say
The plan went out the window the minute we stepped into the store
It was amazing
Kim and I spent 4 hours and we could have spent 4 more inside the store
I can't wait to go back
It is an organizer dream come true
I am not an organizer but I do dream of being one
This is the desk we wanted
and it was in stock
Kim got the kids the cutest red children's computer chairs
I thought this lil kid's bed was so cute
It looks like it should be in a Disney movie

Look how organized you could have your child's room
So many great ideas for the whole house
Amazing kitchens

Anybody ready for an IKEA roadtrip?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tuesdays with MeMe

This was the last Tuesday of the
school year
My precious cargo

School just wore Emma
out that day

My signs that I have to display
in the pick up line
will be different next year

Abby will move to Emma's school

My Home is Your Home

Several years ago I bought this cutesy outdoor weathered candle holder.
It was great for adding a little atmosphere to the covered sitting area at our pool
Well, a cute little bird couple seems to also think that it adds atmosphere
Every year, since we have had the candle holder, when we go
to open our pool and clean up for the swimming season
We have foundTHIS
So, we must endure (really we love it) the raising of a bird family
before we can have any atmosphere
We must also endure the many scoldings we get
for thinking that it is okay to sit out at our pool
No sireeee
Mr. Bird does not like for us to be around
Then finally the day comes
We watch them hatch and grow and
before you know it they are gone
See you next year
Mr. and Mrs. Bird

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quoting Emma

Is it in a woman's DNA?

Ha Ha Just kidding or am I?
I found this on my kitchen counter where
Emma had been playing teacher.

Pretty good advice!

Love you, MM

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I think this quote proves that ole Eleanor
had a pretty good sense of humor

This one cracks me up
every time I hear it!

I once had a rose named after me
I was very flattered
I was not pleased to read
the description in their catalogue:
no good
in a bed,
fine up against a wall.
Eleanor Roosevelt