Saturday, October 31, 2009


High Flying Pumpkin Patch Style

I saw their eyes light up as we were walking through the parking lot of the Pumpkin Patch. John Brady immediately wanted to know what that jumping thing was and in the same breath informed me that he wanted to jump.

So...after we had our picnic, rode the wagon to the pumpkin patch, picked out our pumpkins, ran through the hay maze and listened to the music .....we walked over to get in line at the EuroBungee.


John Brady getting on his harness

Yes, that's our 4 year old boldly jumping so high!

Abby Claire getting on her harness

Abby always has a smile for the camera even when
she is in a mid air jump


Emma went higher than this picture but I always seemed to get her as she was coming back down

The kids loved the EuroBungee
I think it was the pumpkin patch favorite

Lawson was so upset because he couldn't jump.

3 years old was the age limit
He kept saying it was his turn

Next year little man!

Friday, October 30, 2009

What A Way To Spend A Day

The Great Pumpkin Patch

I spent the day, this past Saturday, with my Grandchildren at the
Pumpkin Patch in Hayden

The kids were so good and the cousins enjoyed being together.

It was a beautiful, crisp fall day

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My 100th Post

Prayers for Stellan

I wish that Stellan was up and running around today
Today is his 1st Birthday
My Charming Kids was the first blog that I became hooked on that I have never met the people involved
I feel like I know this little boy
He is in the hospital today
I think this is what blogs are all about
I am praying today for a baby I have never met and yet.....
I feel like I know him

So I dropped all my plans of what I was going to say for my 100th post
and just want to say


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How Cool Am I

Not Cool

Never Have Been

But.....If One Little 7 Year Old Girl and Her 8 Year Old Sister
Think I Am

I Will Be One Happy MeMe
Kim, Emma and Abby...Thank you for inviting me


Monday, October 26, 2009


Rest High On That Mountain..........

Sunday, October 25, 2009



how about a little


Emma, Abby and John Brady stood at the door staring at me with their mouths open.

Emma told her Mother "you should have seen MeMe"!

Finally, a little luck fell our way!

Hats off to Tennessee




Caught with his hand in the Cookie Jar

Or ummm......the Piggy Bank

As all grown up eyes were glued to the Alabama Homecoming Game being aired on TV all the cousins were playing in the bedrooms.

Lawson must have really been impressed with John Brady's big Piggy Bank

I guess he was bringing it in to the living room to show his Mother and Daddy

Talk about some grown ups jumping at the sound of that big blue polka dotted piggy bank hitting that hard wooden floor

CRASH!This is what it looked like after the adults got all the glass removed

But, what is that I Spy

What is that piece of paper that does not look like money?

It was an IOU to John Brady's piggy bank

This was the laugh of the day
Brady got caught

But, let's give him credit....he did leave an IOU

A Perfect Family Day

Kim and MeMe blowing out the candles on the cake

We celebrated our October family birthdays while we celebrated another Alabama Homecoming victory

Does this look like the men in your family watching a ball game?

Lawson found Aunt Kim's M&M bowl
He thought it was a great day!

Still Love this Man....just saying!

Abby being patient with her little cousin

Another Great Alabama Homecoming

How many years have we been doing this?

It started when Brady, Courtney and Josh were little. We usually would go to the bonfire on Friday night and we would eat at Morrison's Cafeteria for supper. This was a big deal for us back then. Then Saturday morning-the parade- and if we had tickets-the game-

The boys started playing football and so there were fewer and fewer Alabama homecoming weekends.

Then----the day when all three of my kids were on the campus of The University of Alabama for homecoming

3 kids+1 daughter in law=6 degrees from Alabama

Yes, this is home away from home. An investment that the stock market can't take away

Alabama------We love you

Now, here we are with four beautiful grand children enjoying a Alabama homecoming weekend

The Quad

Denny Chimes

Lawson loved the Tide Ride
He would tell the bus driver to stop every time we came to a stop sign and got very upset because he didn't always stop

John Brady looking through the crowd to see if the parade was getting close

Big Al's ride
Leigh Ann
I love knowing a Crimsonette

The Drum Line
How could we cheer without it

Love to see those gleaming Tubas

John Brady waving at the pretty girls

Yep...he liked waving at all the girls that waved back at him