Saturday, January 30, 2010

another Deer Season has Come and Gone

My Bow Hunting Deer Slayer

Yeah! I have my husband back for a few weeks.....that is until Turkey Season opens!

The Vapor Sisters


I am so blessed in this life to have good friends.

Not only the vapor sisters but many others

I felt the need to say that because I don't want those friends to think for a minute that they aren't very important to me.

I have been so happy to have connected with some of my very first friends

through the web site

I just talked with Janice and Karen via email the other day

these two do not know how often I have thought about them over the years

We took Teresa to eat at the restaurant that replaced

the Globe for her birthday

May my life always be filled with friends!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Please Please........Go Away

Come Back and Bloom
Another Day

I love Daffodils

and have many planted in my yard.
I noticed these stems popping out of the ground the
day after Christmas!
You can see the ice crystals
on the leaves
By the 2nd day of January
the blooms were popping out

Look at those bleak trees above that
beautiful struggling Daffodil.
Hopefully, the rest of my daffodils will wait for warmer weather
so they will live and can be enjoyed!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eating Healthy....has a price!

I pick my grand kids up from school every Tuesday. Well, at least three of them. I love my Tuesdays with them. It started out that my friends nicknamed Tuesday as "Emma Day". I was the only one with grandchildren and they all knew that I couldn't do anything on "Emma Day" so they planned around me. Of course, time has passed and now I pick up Emma, Abby and John Brady and "Emma, Abby and John Brady Day" is a little too much.

We always go and get a snack or get something to bring home. This year the girls have "dance" at 6 on Tuesday. They are hungry for a snack after school but they also have to eat supper before dance practice. So, I have been trying to make sure we get something healthy and I try to buy it before I pick them up so they will have more "down time" at home.

Last Tuesday I was in Wal Mart right before time to get in the car line at school. I picked up a small basket of strawberries ( $3.78 ). I thought that was a little high to get two baskets so I decided to get some grapes. I had already picked up some light cool whip for them to have with their fruit. You got to give them a little taste of sweet right after school! I didn't weigh the grapes. I just got one bunch.

I think the cashier noticed my surprised look on my face when she gave me the total. That one (what I would call )"average" bunch of grapes were $7.27.

What did I learn from this

Next time I will buy two baskets of strawberries!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

a SIGH and a SMILE

Cathy Fowler - January 23, 2006

There is one friend in the life
of each of us
who seems not a separate person,
however dear and beloved,
but an expansion,
an interpretation,
of one's self,
the very meaning
of one's soul.

Till we meet again
my dear friend
I hold you
in my heart

Thursday, January 21, 2010

WARNING....This may be TMI

On Monday, our grandson Lawson, was hit by the Stomach Virus Bug.
Wednesday, Dave called and said it looked like it might be about to
hit him. Courtney was trying to get home but ice was causing
some problems with flights. So, Pops loaded up, went to Birmingham, and brought Lawson back to Berry. He did not feel good at all!
All you mothers know what I am talking about......the fever, laying on your shoulder,
saying his stomach hurt and plain just not knowing what he wants.
You feel so sorry for them.
But we still got a few laughs
so here it is

explains things

Lawson was laying in my lap watching cartoons.
He had passed some pretty smelly gas
He looked up at me with his big brown eyes
and said
Don't worry MeMe
it's not poo poo it's just gas!

Later...he was laying on Pops shoulder
He burped and passed gas at the same time
He raised his head
looked at Pops and said
Oh, that feels better!

As I was bringing him home today
again, I heard him pass some gas
or so I hoped
He informed me very quickly
MeMe, it's just gas
That makes my Daddy so happy

Like I said this may be TMI
when they are 2 years old
everything seems sweet!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Happy 5th Birthday
John Brady Lawson III
MeMe and Pops love you more
than words can say!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking Back so I can go Forward

Hopefully, this is the last of my holiday posts.

I know everybody is tired of Christmas posts but for the sake of

Things Remembered

I wanted to be sure and put in these posts. I hope you enjoy.

A little note....

A few weeks ago there was a picture of Lawson

no explanation

a cute picture


I had scheduled some posts

for the time I was in New York

The post should have been the Christmas at Granny's post (below)

for some reason it posted

but with just a picture of Lawson

I was in New York on the hotel computer when I discovered this mistake

and did not have my computer

to correct the problem

I guess blogger just wants to keep you guessing sometimes!

Christmas at Granny's


Emma, Abby, Clara Paige, Maggie & Gracie or Gracie & Maggie

I hope to be able to tell them apart before they get old enough to

be upset at me!

Dave, Lawson and Abby opening gifts

The newest little Lawson

Someone put a bow on his head and I guess that was appropriate

Our Christmas present this year!

Abby Claire

Lawson received a know the's a tube with candy and a toy on top.

Well, little man doesn't get a lot of candy. His Mom and Dad try to get

him to eat healthy.

When Lawson realized it was candy...he found a spot to hide...which was easy in the crowd of

16 great grandchildren. He tore into his candy and had it all eaten before anybody

realized it. But...he left the evidence on his face.

Notice the sugar rush look in his eyes!

The Best Santa Ever

Or in Brady's words "the best marketing idea ever".

The whole family loaded up and went to Pops favorite place....The Bass Pro Shop.

Word had gotten around that they had the best Santa in town. I guess I would have to agree. The scene was so pretty and it was a good Santa. While the kids stood in line we entertained John Brady and Lawson. John Brady wanted to shoot the guns at the little gallery upstairs. After Lawson watched JB3 shoot he was begging to play. I only had big bills, John and JB3 had already walked away, so I told Lawson that I didn't have any dollar bills but we would go see if his Daddy had any. He was so funny. As we were walking downstairs he kept telling anyone that would listen, with his little palms turned up, that he "had no money". Poor baby. Well, we got four dollar bills and headed back up to the guns. Pop and John Brady came back to help Lawson. Lawson lost interest after just a few minutes and then we discovered what he was really interested in. He begged to make change. You shoot the guns you had to put your dollar into the change machine and get quarters. He was amazed. So we let him make change out of the three dollars we had left and then he cried to do it again! Dave said he would remember that.... a cheap way to entertain Lawson!

As you can tell....Lawson was not thrilled with Santa!

I made Brady and Kim's picture with their camera so

I don't have a picture of them!

Ringing in 2010 at Times Square

We woke up to SNOW!

Policemen everywhere!

By 3:00 PM policeman began gathering on the side

streets of Times Square.

We talked to one of them and he said that there

would be 3000 policemen on

Times Square that night.

Could there be a more unflattering picture of me!

But, I just had to include this picture so everyone

would know that I was the one in the blue hat on

Times Square that night ; )

I can't imagine how much Nivea spent on all those blue hats.

I guess it was a great marketing strategy

because I think of Nivea all the time now!

Do you see the ball?

Above the one way sign

Right above the one way sign

It's 2010!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are home
It was great

When we were in the airport terminals

coming home

People would wave at us

Smile and point at our shirts

And yell

Roll Tide

There are lots of pictures

and several posts

We saw several people that we knew

We did not see any
of the people
that we knew were
going to be there

But it was a sea of Crimson!

I hope you enjoy


To my gracious
friends and relatives
who sent

Thank You

Our greeting when we

arrived back in Atlanta

I saw this title in a Denver, Colorado newspaper


Wow! we were there

John promised me this trip in 1992
and he made it a great trip!

I thought I would cry! I was too tired to cry

We stood the whole game
cheered the whole game

I love Mark Ingram
I think he is such a great example of how to a great ball player

a great person

Of course, everybody knows I love Coach Saban I call him

"The General"

He brings his team onto the field

like a general
going into battle

Soaked in red Gatorade

Hit on the back of the head (accidentally)

by the Igloo


But he can't wait to get his hands on
that trophy!


Texas fans kept saying 13
was a jinx

We would reply

Yeah.....for ya'll!



It's been a long
time since I have seen
Big John
jump that high

grin that big


We over heard several Texas
conversations about how
something needed to be changed

The SEC was winning too many titles

I saw this in a newspaper article in the Cincinatti Airport

University of Alabama Football

97 First Team All Americans

22 SEC Championships

13 National Championships

1 Heisman

I could have told you about the

National Championships


the Heisman


not the others

Marcell Dareus

We were right there

when this
Big Boy
had a defensive players
dream come true
A ball popped up on the
back of a Texas player
He grabbed the ball
Stumbled around for

a second
saw his teammate pointing
toward the goal line
did a really good
spin out
thundered in for a

I love to see those big old boys who do all that hard work get to make a touchdown

The Pregame

The warm up

The Million Dollar Band

Parachuting into the stadium

with a

University of Texas flag

University of Alabama Flag


the American Flag

One funny guy

in front of us

who had really been enjoying himself
If you get my meaning

Pointed up to the sky

when you could first just

barely see the parachutes

and yelled

It's cows

Here comes the Tide!


and the

Blue Angel flyover

Everybody was fired up

I was ready to suit up

and play myself!

Josh Grobin sang

the National Anthem

along with all of us

Several times

the big screen


Courtney Cox


a houndstooth hat

wishing the Crimson Tide

good luck

and talking about her

time at


The Captains

We won the toss

Let's play!

Before The GameJohn could have told me

that I was standing in

front of a

Miller Lite sign!

We watched

Coach Saban

and the Crimson Tide

as they entered the Rose Bowl