Friday, August 31, 2012

Mayor Madison

I am soooo glad that this election is over. Yes, I was a Jimmy Madison supporter. John and I have known Lavonne and Jimmy for years. We met them about 39 years ago and they were our next door neighbors for about 24 years. I know that Jimmy has the best interest of Berry at heart.
Congratulations, Mayor Madison!

Waiting for the vote results

Lavonne announcing that Jimmy won

The "Madison crowd" pouring out of Tuugies to congratulate Jimmy

John and Jimmy......friends and co workers for years



 Mayor Dobbs, Councilman Madison, Councilman Pendley, Madison, Councilwoman Aldridge, and Councilwoman Magouirk

Shelia Traweek, Jimmy's niece, opened up her restaurant, Tuugies, for the Madison supporters to wait on the vote results


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tuesdays with Meme

New School Year
Emma, Abby and JB3 started back to school last week. I now have 3 pick up lines to get in on Tuesday. It really went smoothly but that might have been because I got in line at Northport Elementary at 2:00! 
pick up line at Northport  Elementary

That pick up line just keeps on going.....but I was number 14 in line

JB3 playing on my phone while we wait in Abby's pick up line

Huntington Elementary pick up line

Got my Abby Claire

pick up line for our middle schooler

Oh, yeah, they are trying to act cool.....and so is MeMe

My sweet girl......Emma

Welcome Home, Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme reopened Tuesday. As soon as we had Emma picked up we headed to Krispy Kreme. I was determined that Emma, Abby and JB3 would have a memory of going to get doughnuts the day they reopened. So, we had to park about a block away, we stood in line about 40 minutes ( not to bad ) and got a dozen doughnuts. The kids each picked 2 of their favs and I picked 2 and then we just got glazed to finish the dozen. We each got some cold milk and sat down to eat our doughnuts. JB3 talked me into 3 doughnuts.....that boy is bottomless.
I told the kids as we stood in line......someday you will come in here with your kids and I want you to tell them about the tornado and coming to get a doughnut on the day it reopened.
The kids were so impressed with the cheers...
you say Krispy
I'll say Kreme
and the always fav of our family
you say ALA
I'll say BAMA

and yes, I did get teary eyed as we stood in line inside the store and I did say a prayer of thanks for my family being safe during the tornado!

waiting in line

doesn't this make you want to dip your finger in that glaze and lick it off!!!

the police directed traffic around the take out line for 2 solid days

got to lick those fingers


Abby's Birthday
Brady and Kim always let their children pick out a restaurant to eat out at on the day of their birthday and I was invited to join them. Brady sent me a text and asked me to ask Abby where she wanted  to eat. I literally named every restaurant that I could think of in Tuscaloosa because I did not want to influence her decision. She decided on Jim and Nick's.....MeMe was tickled.....I had not eaten at the Jim and Nick's in had only been open a few weeks.
Brady and the kids walking into the restaurant. Kim met us there. She had got caught in traffic

JB3 chowing down on some ribs

the birthday girl's......birthday pie


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lawson & Lily

Courtney had to fly to DC Wednesday morning and then to Raleigh, North Carolina that night for a meeting the next day. I went up Wednesday afternoon to help Dave with the kids overnight.
If you look closely under the lowest tree limb you will see Lawson and Dave walking home from the bus stop

Lily and I waited at the house for Lawson. We were standing on the porch when Lawson saw us

I think he was glad to see his MeMe

LilyPie is now 6 months and 12 days old

and she has stolen our hearts

she pretty much rules the roost

Lily with a "green bean mustache"