Friday, February 26, 2010

Mercedes Kids Marathon


Why do I not have a picture
We didn't make it to the race
Emma has done the kids marathon since 2007
Abby has done the marathon since 2008
John and I wouldn't miss it for anything
We were at Courtney's helping during Lawson's
tonsillectomy recovery
That was the weekend of the snow
Brady called and said that the girls school had called it off
That made sense
You wouldn't want to be responsible for
parents and kids on possibly icy spot roads
driving from Tuscaloosa
We bundled up Lawson and took him out to play in the snow
About the time we were getting ready to come in
Brady called
A teacher that went on to the race
She runs in the real race
called Kim
Several of the parents and kids came anyway
and did not have any trouble getting there
Brady said they were heading out the door
We went in to get ready
we hurried
just as we were getting in the car
Brady called and said the girls
were though with their races
we missed it for the first time
I won't miss it next year
JB3 will be in the marathon next year
Can't wait

The picture is from 2007
Parents run with the K and 1st grade
It is one of my favorite pics

We went on and met Brady, Kim and kids
and Donnie and Dianne
at the Cheesecake Factory
so we could celebrate Emma's birthday
as a family
Lawson was so happy to see everybody
and the kids got cheesecake
after we ate lunch

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This picture of Court was made by Dave
very close to three years ago.
Lawson will be 3 in 2 1/2 months

My camera is in Birmingham
I am going to pull a few older pictures
for the next few days

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aunt Etter's Poker

I was at Courtney's house when we had what us Alabamians
would call "the big snow".
Law was still recovering from his surgery.
Oak Mountain, where Court lives, was beautiful.
Dave had kept a fire in their fireplace to keep us cozy.
He said something about how good the fire poker was that we gave him.
We no longer burn a fire. We burned a fire for years and our whole family loved it!
But, John and I got tired of the mess so......
we got gas logs......and we love them!
Courtney asked for our fireplace tools when they moved into their house
They were no where to be found
John did find this fire poker
It belonged to my Aunt Etter
Now, lets talk about Aunt Etter's name
I guess I was in my 30's before it dawned on me
that her name really wasn't Etter
She was Etta Wood
She never married
She was my Daddy's aunt
and she lived with another family relative
that we also called aunt
but I am now thinking she might not have been a true relative
in the blood sense
They owned a house somewhere outside of Phil Campbell
and they each had their own side of the house
with a connecting kitchen they shared
I can remember loving to go to her house
My Daddy was from Russellville originally
and we would visit about twice a year
When we went to Aunt Etter's
I can remember going into the pasture behind her house
there were big rocks sticking out of the ground
It's funny what you remember
Anyway, Aunt Etter was a school teacher that did not trust banks
When she died they found money taped to her
and they found money all over the house
Since she did not have any children the nephews inherited
I have many things of Aunt Etter's that was brought to my house when
my Daddy died and my Mom moved in with me
The poker was something I had forgot about
Sometimes if we hear a noise in the house
John will kid and say
Aunt Etter?
Well, now something of Aunt Etter's is in Birmingham
She died in her 80's
about 30 years ago
I still think of her

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hanceville here we come

On our way to watch
play in the Sub Regional
in Hanceville
*****They lost - But they tried*****

Berry Basketball 91 - 92


Class 2A

11 straight victories

nicknamed "THE BOMB SQUAD" by the newspaper

*Regular Season Area Champs*

winners of the
*Northside Tournament*
*Northwest Alabama Conference*
*2A Area Tournament*

*# 5 in the state*

*1st BHS Sub-State win*

Imagine what they could have done
if they could have played in 1A

Jim Williams shooting
Brady Lawson #22
Do you remember how everybody hated their black shoes

Cutting down one of the many nets that year
Is that Brady or Sonny?

Christy Kizzire
Niki Howton
Christy Trimm

1st team out enjoying the win
Trey Griffin, Chris Fields, Brady Lawson, Jim Williams,
Josh Cannon and Sonny Renfroe
Did I get them right?

Look at the score

Do you remember that the team sat next to the stage

I remember this like yesterday
Brady and Reggie were at the other end of the court
they had the game won
they just were letting the other team shoot
as soon as the buzzer sounded
Brady went to one goal
Reggie went to the other goal
and they took a victory SWING
That's Brady swinging on the goal

Getting ready for a big game

My cheerleaders
****okay girls put your names in the comments so I won't leave anybody out****

Monday, February 15, 2010



This picture had been hanging on the wall in my Mom's room

It fell a couple of weeks ago and the frame broke
When I brought it home to re frame
I showed it to Kim
She offered to redo the picture for me

This is the redone product
The original had some crinkles
my Mother had a habit of writing on our pictures
it had writing all over it
it was in very bad shape
This picture was made when my family lived in
Baltimore, Maryland
My sister is 3 and my brother is 7

I think my Mother and Daddy were a
very handsome couple

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Lawson was a little traumatized this morning
when he awoke to his snowman
gradually melting away!





Saturday, February 13, 2010


Wallace State
here we come

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2009-2010 Berry Basketball



The girls basketball team were Runner-up in

the Area Tournament

and ranked #10 in the state

they play tonight in Hackleburg

The boys Basketball Team

won the Area Tournament

They play Friday night in Berry

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1995-96 Berry Basketball


Area Regular Season and Tournament Champions
Northside Christmas Tournament Champions
Sub Region
1st Round Regional Tournament
High School Sweet 16
Ranked 10th in State

#15 Josh Lawson -Point Guard - Sophomore

Courtney Lawson - Head Cheerleader - Senior

#22 - Mark Milligan, #24 - Keith Sands, #11 - Adam Darty, #15 - Josh Lawson

Coach Tim Dunavant

Celebrating to YMCA

Holley, Christina, Courtney, Jill, ?, Susie

Cutting down the net after the area tournament win
I remember that they were using John's knife and he was so worried one of them would cut themselves
and not be able to play the next game

John is holding Curt Howell

The Wildcats coming onto the court at Wallace State Their last game

The Team

#10 Rodney Naramore

#11 Adam Darty

#12 Adam Kimbrell

#15 Josh Lawson

#20 Damien Bonner

#22 Mark Milligan

#24 Keith Sands

#30 Kris Curington

#34 Tim Fowler

#40 Jonathan Walters

#44 Jeremy Hammack

#50 Shannon smith

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma

The saying goes
life changes the minute your first child takes his first breath
I think we weren't wise enough
to see it then
life changed the minute our
first Grandchild
took her
first breath
and we knew itWe love you Em Em!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It was a good thing

Lawson is home and doing great. Thanks for the prayers
We are so thankful for good doctors
We can see down his throat!
Here's the proof

Feeling good enough to be in time out
Discussing what he did wrong

Finally, Lawson must have been trying to explain to
Elmo what happened today
We kept finding a car in Elmo's mouth

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Please....say a little prayer

Please, say a prayer for, my grandson, Lawson
He will be having surgery to remove his
tonsils and adenoids in the morning.
Also, remember Dave and Courtney
It is so hard to let go of your baby to send them
to an operating room
Not so easy for a MeMe and Pops either
So, tonight when you go to bed and in the morning
around 8:00 AM
please pray for Lawson, his family and especially the doctors and nurses.


I love to have a special reason......maybe you could say a story to tell....for the material things that are in my house, on my walls and in my yard.
You may remember that John got me a flag pole and flag for my birthday
but I asked him to put it up
in time to be able to raise the flag, for the first time,
in honor of September the 11th

We proudly raised the flag that day.
I told John that I wanted to add an Alabama flag
but I wanted a story to go with raising that flag also
so I said
let's just wait and I will know when the time is right

Well guess what
I got my story to tell behind my Alabama flag

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesdays With MeMe

The pick up line

The after school snack

Strawberries and whipped cream

um um good!

EmEm was getting her braces adjusted
We saved her some strawberries and whipped cream

Lady Bug.....Lady Bug

Do any of you have a lady bug problem?

Two of my upstairs bedrooms have window seats

The picture above is the window seat in Josh's bedroom
Yes, I still have some of his high school and college things around

This window seat in his room stays covered in lady bugs from around Thanksgiving
until it starts to warm up
It drives me crazy
I bet I could vacuum up a hundred a day's the thing....
This is the window seat in the room right beside Josh's
Not a sign of a lady bug here
or anywhere else in the house
we might find one every now and then
but Josh's window seat stays covered
I guess I should be glad it is only in one spot

Anyone know what to do about a lady bug problem?