Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dauphin Island

Brady and Kim took their family to Dauphin Island over the Memorial Day weekend. They called it "The Great Escape"! They needed some quiet family time after the sad events of May. Kim sent me an album of the pictures she made.....and Abby Claire made a few of them, also! They were so good that I wanted to share them

Friday, May 24, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Courtney and Dave flew to Orlando, Florida for the holiday weekend. They were attending the high school graduation of his niece, Amber. They left  Thursday and came home Sunday. Courtney and Dave met while working at Disney World. Dave's brother Ken still works for Disney and his wife, Shawna, is a teacher at The Celebrations School. If you don't know about Celebrations, Dave lived there before he and Court married and Ken's family still lives there, google it. It is soooo worth going to see when you visit Disney World. It is Walt Disney's planned community. So, even when they don't go into Disney World it is still a pretty amazing trip!
Any Hoo
Lily and Lawson stayed with us in Berry, Alabama.
Courtney told her Daddy to try and make Lawson a little bit more of a country boy while he was here.
Soooo....they worked on that!!!!
baiting his own hook with a grasshopper

learning to throw his own line and  catch a fish

Lily and I visited and she was very interested in the crickets!

climbing trees

and more fishing

interested in the "fish cleaning" but he hasn't tackled that yet. He loves to give you a detailed description of his Pops gutting the fish......ahhh, little boys!

riding the 4 wheeler at the camp house
Keeping Lily happy with crackers while I bought groceries

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hey, let's eat here!

John and I had a gift certificate for the Hot & Hot Fish Club. It was about to expire so since John took off work to go to Abby's graduation we thought it would be a good time to go on to Birmingham and dine there. We had been told to try and get a reservation at the "Chef's Counter" and we were lucky to get that.
Oh my, it was wonderful. Sitting at the counter is like having a dinner show while you eat and the food is great!
our view of the chefs

squash blossom appetizer

boudin appetizer

my marinated shrimp over summer salad entree
I didn't get a picture of John's monk fish entree

my dessert

John's dessert

The next day
I remember going to Avondale when I lived in Birmingham. We would go to a big fabric store over there but that was really the only reason I remember going to Avondale. Well, we have a really good reason to go now! Meredith Jones, talked about this place and you can like it on FB. It was great. A, to die for, Saw's Burger and unbelievable onion rings!
You must go!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Middle Schooler!

Huntington Place Elementary School
5th Grade Graduation
Abby Claire Lawson, our #2 grandchild, graduated from 5th grade.

Abby won many awards and I couldn't keep up with all of them soooo.....I made a picture of a few of them.

Abby, Meme and Pops are so proud of you!!!!

Tuesdays with MeMe

The Last "Tuesdays with MeMe" 
for the 2013 school year!

When you are in the pickup line at the kids schools....you must have a pickup sign in your car window. I have a whole collection of these signs. I couldn't find my very first sign that was just Emma's name but I have the rest of them in a backpack.
this is pick up sign #2

There is also a John Brady + Abby sign somewhere.
For two years Mei Anna rode with me and JB3 over to Huntington Place where Mei Anna's Mother, a teacher, would get her out of my car and Abby would get in.

This sign will work again next year but it will be a different school

Yes, Miss Abby moves up to middle school next year

She will join Emma, at middle school,  where the riders just sit and wait on their ride...outside the gym.
Sometimes you have to honk the horn so that they all look up from their texting. I haven't had to do that yet......Emma is probably too scared that JB3 will hang out of the window and yell at her!

2014 school year....here we come!

I am a base!!!

Courtney and I think Lily looks like a Cheerleader in this outfit. You know....the outfits that Cheerleaders wear to cheer camp.
Of course, we always say "sheerleader" because that was how Abby Claire said "cheerleader" when she was little and we thought it was so cute!
When I look at this picture...as a former "high school cheerleader sponsor" and the Mother of a cheerleader....I think.....looks like she will be a good base!!!
Love those little short legs!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Senior Sunday at Central Church of Christ

The Sunday before high school graduation we always have Senior Sunday at our church, Central church of Christ in Fayette. We had three Seniors this year. Two from Fayette and one from Berry.

Our preacher, Mark, leading a prayer after presenting the graduates with a Bible from the church.

John presenting Emma Herron, a Berry High School graduate, with a Faulkner t shirt, from the church, after talking about her athletic ability. Emma will be playing basketball at Faulkner.

Lunch at church after Senior Sunday

Dan Deavours
"Big Dan" knows how to keep up with his girls (he has twins) hair bows!!!!