Friday, November 23, 2012

Granny Lawson

John's sister, Jane,  and brother in law, Bo,  brought John's Mother to visit us last week. John fried his Mother some catfish for lunch and we enjoyed visiting and playing with Lily.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shoebox Christmas

 Central Church of Christ
A week ago our church came together to organize 200 shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse. This idea was suggested by our small groups young parents. It was a great idea and everybody got behind the idea.
I first became aware of this way back in 1997. Josh did this through Berry High School when he was a senior and I got to personally view how it affected these young people. At that time it was a young venture and not as organized as it is just used shoes boxes that you had at home and did not have as many suggestions etc.
Every year I give my children or if they are married their family a Christmas book. I love if I can find a book that in someway identifies with something that has happened to that child or their family during the year. This was Josh's book Christmas 1997.

Each small group at church took on a certain category to be in charge of buying. My small group had kids toys.
We had our monthly after church lunch, a Marriage Blessing for a young couple you have recently started attending services and that included our lesson for the afternoon. Then we all gathered in the sanctuary to put together the shoeboxes.
I think everyone felt the BLESSING!


Thursday, November 15, 2012


Just Because..........
she is growing fast and these baby days will be gone  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Courtney

I recently ran across this birthday card that Brady gave Courtney for her 1st Birthday. I got tickled reading what the card said....not exactly a 1st birthday card but I am sure that he was very proud of it and....that's what mattered!

Oh my, I do believe I see a little resemblance between Lily and her Mother! Courtney is older than Lily in this picture.....I would guess about 6 months older. Courtney always laughs at the "PEBBLES" hair do that I gave her but......didn't every little girl with hair have a Flintstones DO back then???

Courtney (not sure the exact age. it would have been the year that the Coca Cola shirts were so popular) with Karisa Tyner Wallace. Courtney and Karisa share the same birthday. Joan Tyner had crocheted Courtney a collar (yes, it would also have been the year that detached collars were so popular and everybody wanted one of Joan Tyner's collars).

Happy Birthday, Sweet Daughter......YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dive Meet

JB3's 1st Diving Meet
John Brady had his first diving meet in Hoover a week ago. Lawson had spent that Friday night with us so Law and I headed out to Birmingham to watch John Brady compete.
As usual with things like this (reminded me of Uncle Josh's karate meets), John Brady was supposed to have his first dive at 9:30 and at 11:15 when we all left to grab a quick lunch....he still hadn't had a dive.
Emma rode with me to take Lawson home and pick up Lily. Lily spent Saturday night with us so she came back to the dive meet with us.
John Brady did great. It was his first meet and he has only been taking lessons for about 2 months. He walked right out there, without any signs of nervousness and dived.
They are judged by 5 judges holding up numbers......just like in the Olympics.

 SO PROUD OF YOU.......JB3!!!

Okay, I do not have any good pictures of any of John Brady's dive. I put my camera on the setting to snap continually....thinking how good my pictures would be......NO. I must have moved because my pics were terrible so I only have some warming up pics! Oh, well....I bet Kim has some great pictures.

Oldest and Youngest
Warming up