Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jamey and Tippa's Wedding

John and I had the honor and pleasure of attending Jamey Feltman's wedding last weekend. Jamey and Brady have been buddies since they were on a baseball team together the summer before they started kindergarten. Jamey and Brady went through elementary school and high school together, went on their senior trip together and then were room mates in college.
                            Let's just say......THEY HAVE HISTORY!!!                                           
We were thrilled to be invited to his and Tippa's wedding and we had a blast. The wedding was at Bonne Terre Inn in Nesbit, Mississippi. It was a beautiful setting. The chapel was full of friends, family and over flowing with love!
The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome and Brenna was glowing!
Tippa, Brenna and Jamey become a family

Mr. and Mrs. Jamey Bart Feltman

Brenna Feltman, Abby and Emma Lawson

John Brady didn't want his picture made with the girls

Introducing the wedding party

the first dance

My sweet son gave one of the sweetest toast I have heard at a wedding.

Father and Daughter Dance

Mother and Son Dance

John Brady stood in line for 20 minutes to get his dinner at the reception
I think Brady broke in line and got him some food!!!!
One of the neat and different things at the reception was a caricature artist.
Here is Abby Claire. I think he captured her!
Emma and Abby
The Groom's Cake
The Wedding Cake

Leaving the church

There they to their future!!!! 
Brady and Kim Lawson
She wanted the Garter
the vows
the food
the drink
the dancing
the music
the toasts
it was all fun
Time to go home

May you have a long and happy life together

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesdays with MeMe


This week it was Thursday and Pops got to play with
Emma, Abby and John Brady

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Walt Disney World 2012

Lots of pictures
a few words
a fun time
I know you will get bored with all the Disney posts and pictures but.....this is our life and what we have been doing so....just excuse me.
One reason I like to put a lot of pictures and some explaining.....I get a lot of useful info off of blogs. I see things that I would like to do, find out about things I did not know about and get great ideas. I google for blogs when I am trying to plan anything because they are written by the everyday person. I doubt that I will ever do anything that will be new or useful but just in's all here!
You may need to hit "older posts" to see all the Disney posts.

Disney Friends

Lawson always loves to talk or play with any available child that might be around, Everytime I turned around he was making a new friend.

Home Again...home again

Mel and Ellen introduced us to The Peach Park several years ago. We always look forward to stopping here on our trip back home

Another Epcot meal

Dave took Lawson swimming and John, Courtney, Lily and I went to Epcot to eat. I was craving sushi so we ate at Tokyo. It was great but here is a little extra that we didn't even think of....we like the fireworks at Epcot better than the Castle fireworks...but we don't usually watch any fireworks because Lawson loses interest and he isn't crazy about the noise. Well, Tokyo is a raised restaurant and we had a birds eye view of the fireworks.

A Day of Firsts

Uncle Kenny and Lily

The 1st First of the day
Tall enough to ride SPACE MOUNTAIN
He loved it!!

DOLE WHIP my favorite Disney dessert
Riding the paddle boat to Hollywood Studios
Toy Story
MeMe's  score on the Toy Story ride
The 2nd FIRST
tall enough to ride......THE TOWER OF TERROR
he was determined to ride it and we could not talk him out of it
If you look close you can see Lawson under Pops arm
Tired little boy
Talking it over with Daddy and Uncle Kenny