Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eleanor Roosevelt

Align CenterSo... last week, as I sat eating supper with a few of
my best friends, the topic of our favorite quotes came up. As I listened to a few
quotes , one being a quote from a recent movie, I volunteered
that my favorite person to quote was

Eleanor Roosevelt.

That kind of stopped the conversation. So...they said "tell us a quote"
and I said "I will have to look it up". Now, I really do love to quote her but I can't do it from memory.
Anyway...everyone had a big laugh over my proclamation.

The next morning I pulled up one of my favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quotes
and sent it in a text to my buddies.
They loved it and I now send them a quote every morning.

They are learning to love ole Eleanor like I do!

So, dear blog readers
I am going to start doing a post of Eleanor Roosevelt quotes
and a fact or two about her every so often.

I hope you learn to love her too!


Eleanor Roosevelt was married to Franklin Roosevelt
her 5th cousin once removed

She was known for having a very true concern for others

You can never really live anyone else's life, not even
your child's.
The influence you exert is through your own
life, and what you have become yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Might Be Crazy If...........

You Go To The Zoo
During Spring Break!

I went to Birmingham last Friday to keep Lawson
Courtney had conference calls beginning at 11:00
Dave had two workers helping him with
the landscaping job he is doing

I got there at 11:10 and Lawson and I went to
Sam's to pick up a few items.
Do you ever eat at Sam's?
The cheapest lunch ever
Big hot dog, a hot pretzel, a big bag of chips and a very large drink
that Law shared with me

We left Sam's and headed to 280 toward the Zoo
I should have known that it would be bad when
it took 5 minutes to merge into the traffic heading to
the Zoo
As we turned left I saw people parked on both sides of the road
all the way to the stop light!
Crazy me
I made it to the gate and after waiting for the man directing traffic
I turned into the Zoo
That was when I realized that I was out of gas.....
on fumes actually
It was so crowded and slow that I was picturing
getting stoned as my car , finally completely out of gas,
stopped and caused a traffic jam that would be
on the front page of The Birmingham News
I decided to try to get back out on the road and go
get some gas
that is when it really got interesting
I got caught in a line of big SUVs
(don't forget that the Obama is at the car doctor
getting over a bad case of DEER)
So, I was one of those big SUVs
We could not get out!
It was getting ugly
I turned the air conditioning off
to save gas???
and rolled down the windows
It was so bad that at one point
Lawson asked me
"what is all that yelling!"
Finally, a zoo worker stopped traffic and got us all out
Back on the road I went and got some gas
The whole time Lawson is saying

We went back to the zoo
I mean
what is a MeMe to do
and yes, I went right back and turned into the Zoo to
try to park
at least I wouldn't run out of gas
Luckily, this time I found a parking spot
but not before I thought I was going to
have to fight over it

We unloaded and got the stroller
Lawson hates the stroller but it is good to have to carry purses etc.
and headed to the gate

NO, this can't be
six lines, all the way to the parking lot,
to get in the gate
and it is already 2:00 PM
we got in line
but finally
something went right
maybe the only thing all day
a Zoo worker came out and said if you were a member
to show her your card and go in
Guess what
we are members.....YEA
we get in the gate
we are already tired and hot
Lawson asks for a Popsicle
I say okay...he has really been good during all of this
We go in the souvenir shop to get a Rocket Ice Pop
no Rocket Ice Pops...all gone
They say...check the concession stand outside
So....we get in line at the concession stand
stand there a while
We are next
I go to get my money out of my purse
What is this......No Money
That can't be...but it is
so I get out my debit card
don't take debit cards or credit cards
Have to tell Lawson we can't get a Rocket Pop
not pretty
I say...let's go to the snack bar (I know they take a credit card) and see if we can get a
Rocket Pop
Keep in mind that we have not seen any animals yet

We get to the snack bar
a line out the door
it would have taken at least an hour
to get a Rocket Pop
I break the news to Lawson
he did not take it well..to say the least

As I was contemplating begging for some money

I saw the water play pad

Look Lawson

and that took care of the problem

We didn't see a single animal that day
get a Rocket Pop
Law had a good time!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break and Cousins

I remember when my kids were in school
and spring break rolled around
that meant going to Granny and Paw Paw's farm
for a visit with all the cousins

Well, we don't have a farm
we do live in the country

All 4 grand kids were at our house during the beginning of this week
they had a running, jumping, laying
in the floor, giggling, good time with each other

I love that they love each other

here is a little...or......err
a long look
at some of the things they did this week


we did!

Emma, Abby and JB3 were helping Lawson swing
I happened to glance at these two
I believe that JB3 is going to be one big boy
I have been to both of their classes at school
Abby is an average sized 2nd grade girl
JB3 is bigger than average
Abby is 7 yrs 6 months
JB3 is 5 years 2 months

Abby and JB3 left their coats in the car
They are wearing my jackets

Emma was getting Bailey to chase a stick

The dogs even say
Anything for the grand kids

JB3 showing Lawson how it's done

JB3 found a worm

Lawson had to hold it

Walking a log



Homemade fun - Emma was making the log bounce

Abby was amazed at
the roots on this fallen tree
The boys were pulling out the rotten roots
I said something about the roots
Lawson informed me that
they weren't roots
they were sticks
Back in the house
the boys decided that their hands were dirty
this is what I found
They had clean hands
everything around them was

Watching a stump grinder machine
they were mesmerized

The kids had been playing in the play room
for a while
I walked in the kitchen to this
Lawson hiding during a game of
hide n go seek

Monsters vs Aliens

JB3 introduced Lawson to the DS

can you tell that he was amazed
Emma, Abby and JB3 are so
patient with Lawson
they are good cousins!

We were going to take the kids to Pizza Hut
for supper
Emma told Pops that she wanted to go to
So we did
Emma isn't pouting
She was just mid-bite
I made the kids some brownies after supper
JB3 and Law licked the bowl

This new bag of chips was gone
in ten minutes

Emma, Abby, John Brady and Lawson
We Love you
and hope
you always want to spend time with us

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break at MeMe's

Lawson brought me a sweet surprise
A elephant made from his hand print and thumb print
I was so tickled that it just now occurred to me
that Dave might rather have this elephant at MeMe's house
than at his house!
Ha Ha....... just kidding Dave
after all I am not sure how you would make
a tiger out of a hand print ????
***** Hey, House of Bowling---maybe you could work on that*****

Lawson and Pops taking a 4 wheeler ride

Pops has always loved to play ball
Lawson just could not understand why
MeMe and Pops jumped up and told him
that he couldn't play with this ball!

Pops got him his Spiderman football
he wanted THAT ball

He just doesn't understand yet!!!!!

he got happy again
when Pops got out his
Uncle Josh's train set

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Little Bit Of....Here, There & Everywhere

Click your heels together
and say

There's no place like home
There's no place like Home
There's no place like home

I guess you can tell where we have been
Me along with Kim. Emma, Abby, JB3
Christy and Allie
went to see the
Wizard of Oz
Friday night at the
It was great and I was surprised at how
it held the kids attention
They loved it and I did too

Saturday morning we had a few hours of
I made a picture of one bunch of my

Bailey sleeping in the sunshine

Emma made this cookie for me
a few weeks ago
Isn't it great

on the
Obama vs deer front
$7000.00 worth of damage
and the next day they found that
the air conditioner was affected
the roof has a wrinkle in it
so that number will go up

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesdays with MeMe didn't happen today

This Happened today

I was on Highway 63 ( I call it the mine road).

I was about a mile past Shiver De Freeze Road
just starting down the hill.
It was so fast. Out of no where something landed on my car and the
hood flew up and covered the windshield.
The impact knocked me into the oncoming lane but luckily
no one was coming. As I threw on the brakes, in that split second, I could see out the very bottom of the windshield and I saw the deer.
It was falling back down onto the motor of my car. It
hit, bounced and hit the front of the car for a third time.
The poor deer then began rolling down the hill in front of me as I tried to find a way to get off the road with the hood still covering my windshield.

The front and both sides of my car are smashed.
The radiator is pushed in.
Basically, the whole front of my car is a goner.
John and the tow truck driver pulled the hood down.
That was when it was obvious .....
The deer jumped onto my hood!

The deer was a nice size young buck.
One of it's horns broke off on my car.

John was in Lamar County. When he got there we walked back up the hill and found the beginning of the deer hair and the spot of impact. The deer jumped from a high bank
that was right next to the road.

There were so many things that could have gone wrong.
But, they didn't.
I am shook up but unhurt
I am thankful!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Where Have I Been

I have been wandering around in Internet limbo. For the last 10 days my Internet has had a mind of it's own. Two days of that time it refused to let me on line. The rest of the time I was lucky to be able to pull up anything! I guess that is the price you pay to live in the country.

One of those days I was on the Shutterfly site. I was trying to get a book completed before the free shipping expired. I was trying to upload pictures. It was taking forever and many times I got the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the page". John heard me grinding my teeth. I actually timed uploading one picture and it took 21 minutes and I felt lucky!

So, I got very discouraged. I spent the past weekend at Courtney's house
While Lawson was napping
I decided to try to upload pics to the Shutterfly site
I tried one picture
It took 5 seconds
Then I tried 10 pictures at once
Less than a minute
I worked on Shutterfly all weekend
I have a few pictures from the last 10 days in my life

Another Tuesday with MeMe

Emma sent me a text and asked me to make
a smoothie for a after school snack.
So, I got a recipe off the Internet and
bought the needed ingredients
Abby and John Brady helping get
the ingredients ready

Emma adding an ingredient
Abby and John Brady did not like the smoothie
Emma and MeMe did!
The following Friday I went to Birmingham to go
to a consignment sale, at Asbury Methodist, for Courtney.

She could not go until she was through with her
conference calls and by then all the
good things would be gone.
After the sale I went and picked up Lawson
and we went to the Zoo.

MeMe's learn quickly
What did I learn?
Make sure you have quarters when you
go to the zoo
You have to have quarters to get food to
feed the animals
I put a quarter in the food machine and told
Lawson not to open it up until I could
help him
What did Lawson do?
He opened it up and spilled all of it
I got out another quarter
and emptied a Ziploc bag to put the food in
and started over
This big fellow thought he was the boss
and I guess he was
he ate most of our food

Lawson loved feeding the

This area is closed
They are building an African Safari area
This spot had a concession stand at the top of the hill
with Monkey Island in front of it when
I was a little girl

I was in Birmingham again this weekend to
stay with Courtney and Lawson while
Dave was gone on a trip. I took Lawson to
Heardmont Park. This is my favorite park. It has great play equipment and a stream that runs through it that Lawson loves.

Lawson found a stick while we were walking. I guess
it must have been the perfect stick because he went into his own little play world with that stick.
He was pretend spraying everything in the park. I asked what he was spraying and he said
"bolly boil". I asked if he said olive oil and he firmly told me "no,
I spraying bolly boil".
He is spraying under the bridge with bolly boil in the picture

Pop came up Saturday
John needed to go to the Bass Pro Shop. He had
some gift cards burning a hole in his pocket.
Lawson went with us. Lawson and John Brady love Bass Pro.
Lawson told us on the way there that he was going to see fish, deers (as he says it),
and steps.
Pops told Lawson he could have a prize. He picked some Cotton Candy.
Lawson has never had cotton candy and he wanted to eat it on
the way home. We told him he had to wait until we got home. As it turned out he did not get to eat it that night.
first thing Sunday morning
Lawson climbs on the dryer, finds the cotton candy
and digs in
Is there anything any cuter than a toddler boy in
scuffed toe white shoes
Another Tuesday with MeMe
It was cold outside
Wii it was
Abby doing her reading homework

*******I started this post at 1:00 PM today and it has taken me
8 hours to get it up due to my Internet*******