Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Great Weekend


Emma, Abby and John Brady were spending the night with us Saturday night because Brady and Kim  were going to Birmingham and celebrating their 14th Anniversary.
1st and 2nd GOOD THING
Courtney decided to ride to Berry to let Lawson play with the kids, eat a really good lunch, let us visit with Lily and to watch the Alabama Game.
Dave stayed home to watch Auburn
Auburn won
Alabama won
Lawson found out that Em, Ab and JB3 were spending the night and begged to stay. His Mom let him
I had 4 Grand kids spending the night
Southern Arkansas University WON....woohoo...GO COACH LAWSON
Well, you get the idea.
I had a house full of Grand kids and my house was bursting at the seems with love!
It was a great weekend!
The Grand kids swam for the last time this year. They were a little cold but that never stops them!
I kept trying to get a picture of the kids as they came off the slide. I was just using my little pocket just doesn't snap quick I finally gave up after I had some really good pictures of their feet and legs!

Now, don't get all concerned. That pole was should know by now that this worry wart MeMe would not have let them have it if it was dangerous.
Pirates seem to be the going thing lately so.....they were playing.....WALK the PLANK

Time to go in and take a warm shower

The boys must have set up shop in Uncle Josh's room because when I cleaned up Monday I found these signs all over the door and room. It gave me a good laugh......I love to see how young kids first start spelling......looks like they didn't want Emma and Abby to come in but I bet that was okay with them!
I will interpret the signs
Hey Girly Girls 
 Hey Sissy Pants
 Keep Out
 No Makeup allowed 

No girls allowed

 The kids mixed up some snicker doodle cookies

As I cleaned my house Monday, washed sheets and mopped up a small glass of milk accident......I thought about how much life these kids bring to our house when they are all here!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Another One Married

No, not one of my children, but the daughter of one of my dear friends.
Leah Mobley married Oliver Giorgio, Saturday night, at The Cedarwood Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. Another "Vapor" child getting married. We counted up that we have 8 weddings left! We have all been there for each other as our children got married. It is not only a time of celebrating the happiness of a new married life beginning but a time to reflect on how special it is to have friends that see you through all of life's ups and downs.
So, as the band played the last vapors gathered around Leah in a circle and danced.....and I reflected on how lucky I am to have such good friends!
Leah was a gorgeous bride and the wedding was fabulous. It was a perfect "Southern Living" wedding.
Trent Mobley, Daddy of the bride, performed the marriage ceremony.......but first he had to give his daughter's hand in marriage. So........Jim Herren, Grandfather of the bride, stood in for Trent and asked who gives this bride in marriage......WOW....what a great memory!!!

Isaac Mobley, nephew of the bride and ring bearer did a great job......he just had one little slip up!

Eleanor Mobley, niece of the bride also did a great job.....she took dropping those rose petals very....very seriously!
Beautiful children

Here comes the bride
I wish my camera had caught a wider range of the surroundings. It was beautiful. I kept saying that if a herd of deer ran in front of the bride and groom it wouldn't surprise me!

Daddy and Daughter......both trying to hold it together. It was a super happy day but you know a Daddy and their little girl!

Leah and Oliver

unity candle

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Giorgio

oops......I missed them!!!!

the bride's sister.......Sarah Mobley

part of my "village"

and more....including my "Big John"
after the wedding we were invited to the have appetizers and drinks while the wedding party made pictures

that's my friends

Oliver thanking everyone for coming after being introduced again and inviting everyone to come eat dinner at the mansion

A cute story about ROOK. Leah and Oliver met when they were both at Leah's brother and SIL house, Matthew and Melissa Mobley, playing ROOK. So they used ROOK cards to announce their "save the date".
After the wedding there were ROOK cards pinned on a looked for your name and pulled that ROOK card

The number on the other side of the ROOK card was your table number
This place was really gorgeous

There was a photo booth where you could make just a regular picture or use silly props. I am in several that I have already seen popping up on FB. Here are some sweet friends getting their picture made. You got a copy and a second copy went in a book for the bride and groom

inside.....cutting the cake

Isaac kept trying to tell us exactly which piece he wanted

not to be outdone......Eleanor preceded to see if she could get the piece of cake that she wanted!

Grandmother (Teresa) to the rescue

Mother (Melissa) holding back Eleanor

The cake looked great but.....I can never pass up some pecan pie

That's all the pictures that I made. We were having such a good time that I forgot to make many pictures. We danced the night away and then saw the bride and groom off with a long line of sparklers.

The next day we met some of our friends and had Brunch at The Capitol Grille at The Hermitage Hotel. It was excellent. The highlight thought was very unexpected......a tour of the men's bathroom. As we were leaving and one of our men broke off to visit the bathroom....we noticed a group of women in front of the men's bathroom door and they were talking to a man in a Hermitage Hotel uniform. Of course, we laughed and said....UH Oh, he went in the wrong, that wasn't it. The guy was telling them the history of the bathroom. something along the lines of.......there used to be underground tunnels that the Mafia could came in through to get to the hotel and they came out in the men's bathroom and that the mirrors....back then....were see, we just had to might have been the coolest men's bathroom I have ever seen but then.......I haven't seen that many.......wish I had made a picture!

CONGRATULATIONS.....Leah and Oliver
Trent and Teresa
it was a great weekend

Monday, September 3, 2012


This post really isn't about is about when we didn't have texting.
Most kids now days have an iPhone by the 3rd or 4th grade or so says my Emma and Abby who have felt put out over the fact that they don't have a cell phone.......good for you, Brady and Kim.
I have been in a cleaning out mood for a couple of months. I have two outdoor storage buildings that you could barely walk through. I know how hard it is to clean out things that don't belong to in when my Mom got sick, had to move in with us and John and I were left with her house and a basement full of THINGS. I don't want my kids to ever have to do what we had to do so......I am cleaning out. Among the things I am cleaning out are many papers.....from school, etc. One thing I had forgotten was all the notes that my kids wrote and I am so glad I kept them....if for nothing more that the pleasure they are giving me right now.....and a laugh! Many of the papers are from elementary school but lots of the notes are from their teenage years.
As I was looking at the growing pile of notes that I will share on the blog over the next few weeks it dawned on me......
TEXTING will take the place of all these funny and sweet notes :(
I think I will keep this and not spend it!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brotherly Love

When Brady was around 14/15/16 years old my parents began having health problems. There were days when John and I would just have to jump in the car and take off to Birmingham to help them because I was all they had left!
So......Brady learned how to be in charge. He would have to either go get or make arrangements for Josh and Courtney to get home from school, get them off to school, and also either cook their supper/breakfast or take them to Tuugies to eat. We did not have any family living close. Supper was hard when they were all playing couldn't eat at the same would be coming home while one was heading out the door.
Brady has always been a responsible child that you could count on sooooooo.....
I laughed out loud when I found this note in some of his things I was cleaning out.....
Guess I know how he got things done!!!!!
Just kidding is funny!
I bet Josh ate!