Thursday, September 30, 2010


Happy 31st Birthday, Son!

I wish we could be with you today
We love you
We miss you
We are so proud of you

Uncle Josh's biggest fans

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SAU Weekend

We spent the weekend at the Renaissance Marriott
in Florence
for the SAU vs UNA game Courtney trying to get Lawson out of the pool

Law loved the slide
The 1970 Football Team
and the Class of 1980
from UNA were having
reunions at the Hotel

Everyone had a hard time figuring us out
One trip down stairs
we would have on a
Alabama Crimson Tide shirt
the next trip a Southern Arkansas University shirt

There was the cutest group of 10-12 year old girls
at the pool
they gave Lawson a lot of attention
then another cute group of 14-16 year old girls
came to the pool
they paid
Lawson attention, also

the older girls got out of the pool
while Lawson was in line for the slide
the girls got in the separate
hot tub
this little 3 year old
came down the slide
looked around for those girls
spotted them
took off running
jumped into the middle of the hot tub
with those girls
What a flirt!

We got to eat supper with the
SAU football team

Uncle Josh

Two peas in a pod!

Lawson cried when his
Uncle Josh
got on the team bus
and didn't take him
Big day for a little boy
He still just looks
like my
to me

knows how good
wasn't very happy

Another long day

Brady, Kim,
Emma, Abby and John Brady
came up Saturday
for the game

They met us at the hotel
and we watched
and then went to the
SAU game that night

look for those pics to come

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Penn State Weekend

I wasn't going to miss this game
The Crimson Tide
Nick Saban
Penn State
Joe PaternoThe huddle in the middle of the field

Yep, Saban even had to smile
and Peterno

The Million Dollar Band

September 11
Flag at half staff
I love that when the band starts playing
the National Anthem
I always sing along
softly and kind of timidly
but gradually people around you realize
that there are other people singing out loud
and by the end
everyone around you
will be singing
loudly and proudly!

The fly over


Joe Pa
the Alabama fans
cheered for him
not sure why
so many helicopters
kept flying over
Oh my...
Joe Pa
wasn't too happy

Game over
We played good
We won

Joe Pa leaving
Hope to see you in
Happy Valley
next year!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Look What I Found

If you live in Berry
have ever lived in Berry
then I bet you bought something at
and had it wrapped in this paper What do
I think of when I think of Cannon's
The wood floors
rubbed shiny and smooth over the years
The cool breeze that always seem to blow through
the un air conditioned store
and of course
my Sue
Mr. Pulliam
Lavonne's Mother
What do you think of?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day

The Last Swim

We had our last day at the pool
Labor Day
the water was cold

We had a wasp nest under the slide
wasps are always making a nest there
John checks regularly and had just
removed a nest
Lawson went down the slide
got wasp stung 4 times
Bless his little heart
it's a good thing that he isn't allergic to bees like he is food

Brady picked up the leaf dipper and
started swatting the wasps away from Lawson

the kids love to play
grocery store
in the pool house

Goodbye to another swimming season
even if it isn't good bye to
the hot weather

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look What I Found

Minor High School Graduation 1971
Karen Waldrop and Debbie Bice
Ralph Jernigan and Debbie Bice

Donna Jones

In front of our beloved
Band Room
Did you notice the cars?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look What I Found

in front of my house in
Merrywood Estates
with his
1966 Chevy II
that's the boy I fell in love with
inside my house
with the roses John sent me
In my
Minor High School
Concert Band uniform

Minor High School
Marching Band uniform

A blog post idea

I have been in a clean up and clean out mood
I clean my house regularly
just in case you may think we
are sitting in a dirty house
clean out
that would mean throw things away
I don't get in that mood very often

John would say that
I am a
I don't think so
If you come in my house
my closets and my pantry may be full
but they are
I would even let you look

My problem
I have two huge
outdoor storage buildings
and yes
I look like a
if you look in them

what do I tell myself
about these buildings

we might need this
what if one of the kids need this
what if it quits working and we need the box to carry it back
it has so many memories
it was my mother's
we got this at our wedding shower

when it gets really crowded
I finally get in a throwing out mood
and I am there
I have a ton of my mother's things
that I now need to go through
John has asked you to be on his
hoarders intervention team
you are off the hook

I have already found several things
I want to share
a lot of old pictures
and more

when the title says
Look What I Found
you will know what it is

Here is a funny about my storage buildings
I jokingly told my children
not to make fun of my storage buildings
it was their inheritance
Brady replied
Courtney and Josh can have the contents
I want the building
so there you go!

I am having a terrible time getting
pictures to upload to Blogger
I have been uploading the pics at Brady and Kim's
and then writing the story and publishing at home
hope I get something to upload soon

Monday, September 13, 2010

Peck A Day

Labor Day weekend
Courtney, Dave and Lawson
were visiting Berry

Lawson has had a fascination with
waterfalls for the last year
Most of the waterfalls that Lawson
comes in contact with are man made
He has seen a few real waterfalls
and been very impressed

We had mentioned several times
that there was a waterfall in Berry
Courtney had been to it at least two
times but she did not remember it

We decided Sunday afternoon to try to find
Peck A Day
it had been "many" years since we
had gone on the adventure of
Peck A Day

we had to get Courtney and Dave
"suited up"
They only came prepared for church and swimming
We found a pair of Josh's cleats
from his high school baseball days
found a pair of John's "over the calf" boot socks
(for ticks and briers)
and Dave got suited up
Then....Courtney went hunting in
the closet in her room
found her once very fashionable
Columbia hiking boots
I got her a pair of socks
and she got suited up
Courtney looked especially fashionable
wearing her socks and hiking boots with
her leggings

So we took out to try and find Peck A Day
The county had reworked the roads and several
gas wells made everything look so
After a very pretty drive
through the "forest"
as Lawson calls it
where we saw deer and turkey
John and I thought we recognized the spot
to go into the woods for the hike to the waterfall

John told us to wait while he found
the trail
No need in us all going

we waited
and waited
it was hot
it was getting hotter
we decided to get back into the truck
John had locked the truck
he doesn't lock the truck at home
we were really hot
we found a spot in the edge
of the woods
it was a little cooler
time was passing
no John
I yelled for John several times
Lawson kept leaning forward
putting his hands to his mouth
and yelling
Dave whistled for John
Lawson tried whistling for Pop
I was getting a little worried

Time passed
still no John
my statement
He better not have gotten off
in the woods and fell
guess what
none of us had our phones
were locked up in the truck

I told Courtney and Dave
very seriously
if we had to go walk
to get help
we were all putting our clothes together
to make one person
not look like
a big ole

here comes John
we were at the wrong place

We went down the road
about a half mile
we were at the right place
and John found the path quickly
but we stayed in the truck
the air conditioner
he found the trail

off we went
it is a little tricky at a few spots
but Law man
though it was a great adventure

The waterfall was the smallest
I have ever seen it
it had not rained here
in a while

was pretty impressed

A little
Peck A Day

According to what I have always been told
there was a grist mill
up stream from the falls
owned by the town's doctor
Dr. Wright
The mill could do about a
peck of corn a day
it has always been called
Peck A Day

My next adventure
I want to go above the fall
and see if any thing remains
of the grist mill