Monday, February 11, 2013

Sooo behind.......

I knew it was the day for me to "make time" to update my blog when John walked downstairs and asked if Courtney and I had quit our a sort of aggravated tone!!
I think John likes to read the blogs and make sure that something we told him didn't just fly over his head. goes.....
catch up again
Update.....The above was written January the 18th and it is now February the 11th. I am another month behind. When I went on in January, to update, Blogger would not let me do a post. I guess Blogger was letting me know what it thought about my neglect of my blog and showing me who was in charge. Well, life got really busy and so today I came back on with my fingers crossed and.....everything was working fine. Hopefully I won't ever get this far behind, again!

I have put up about 14 posts so....I bet, if you don't get bored beyond tears, that you have to hit older posts several times!

Lily's 1st Birthday

The baby of the family has turned 1. I can't believe how quickly a year has passed by. We met at Courtney and Dave's house for a family birthday party.
February 10, 2013
Our Big Surprise.......
Lily took 6 steps!

Grandmother and Grandfather Long gave Lily a silver tea set

Uncle Josh and Meredith gave Lily some bath toys

Mommy and Daddy gave Lily her first place setting of silver
MeMe and Pops gave Lily an antique rocking chair
Uncle Brady and Aunt Kim gave Lily an Easter outfit and a raincoat

Lily wasn't wild about getting the icing all over her hands

she started walking on her Birthday

Lawson said the sweetest prayer for our meal

our oldest and youngest born on February 9th & 10th


Children's Church Graduation

February, 10, 2013 
Central Church of Christ
We held a graduation program to honor the children graduating from Children's Church. Some of the young people from our Central Kidz introduced each graduate and told some things about them. Then the little kids that are still in Children's Church came out and they sang songs and then the graduates were presented a Bible.
We are blessed at Central with a wonderful group of kids!
Jacey McGuire introducing a graduate

Cole Holliman

Lane Brock

Claire Holliman, Patrick McCool, Preston Nelson, Peyton McCool, Cole Holliman and Lane Brock

This was the cutest thing ever......the little kids scooted along with their boats to the song "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore"

Parker decided he might join the group....after all!

Preston Nelson praying. This little man says prayers that will touch your heart!

Patrick McCool saying a bible verse

Cole McCabe praying for the graduates. This young man will melt your heart!

Emma's Birthday

February 9, 2013 
Please.....say it ain't so!
our baby girl turned 12
Emma has got old enough that she spends her Birthday with friends. So.....the Grandparents, along with Brady, Kim, Abby and JB3 went out to eat to celebrate our sweet girl's birthday the night before. Emma picked the Outback.
Her brownie sundae birthday cake

Emma was so happy.......she got a iPhone. 

Em has on a birthday girl banner.

Bells at the Bama Theatre

February 7th, 2013 
The Northport Elementary School presented a program at the Bama Theatre Thursday night. Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades presented music. It was a wonderful venue and I hope they do it again.........they just need to tweek a few things.
The 2nd grade learn how to play handbells. So, JB3 along with his class mates played handbells and the Kindergarten and 2nd grade sang.
We sat in the 3rd row from the front but JB3 was hidden behind the grand piano. Like I said a few things to tweek but I love the idea!

The whole class came back on stage. at the end of the program, and sang some patriotic songs

There is our big boy!

Brady and JB3

Pops and JB3

Kim with John Brady

Grandparent's Day

February 1, 2013 
Northport Elementary School
2nd Grade
Our handsome "Little Big Man". Donnie, Dianne and myself got to enjoy a great lunch on Grandparent's Day. I love you JB3

Lily's Ears

January 31, 2013 
Lily has been sooo healty since she was born.........until the end of November. She got a cold. Her tear ducts are partially blocked and so a cold really made her eyes mat up and she just got cruddy and couldn't seem to shake the cold. Then the ears got infected and she has been sick ever since.
Courtney got her an appointment with a ENT doctor and he recommended tubes to be put in the very next day.