Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Wild Side
Creepy Hollow

Big Buck

Big John

Wild Turkey

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Look at what was all wrapped up
for MeMe and Pops All Fired Up
the perfect place to make a family memory
that can be passed down

Kim made these for us

Look closely and you will see
that the football
and elephants on my
ALABAMA platter
are the hand prints of my

got this coffee mug
It says
Pop's Little Hunters

The deer
and tree
are also
Emma, Abby and
John Brady's fingers

I fell in love with this
picture of
me and my girls
The Statue of Liberty

I wish I could
have gotten a better shot

It is a great picture!

I have dropped hints
all football season
that I wanted a
hounds tooth scarf

I believe they took the hint

and I love them!
Pops got his beloved
Bass Pro gift cards

You should see how that
man can shop at this place

It is his version
of my
outlet malls and Summit

And then there is one
of my passions

photo books from

I have made about
fifteen of these books
and now I can make one more

Dave ventured down to
Barnes and Noble
to get this book
about the
HealthSouth scandal

He got it signed for Pops

If he is not being called
then friends call him
Big John

Josh overheard his Dad
say he needed a new drill

I knew Josh was getting it

I had to work to
keep him out of
so he wouldn't buy one!

Forgot to get a picture of Pops new shirt
the picture of me and the girls
at the
American Girl Restaurant

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm leaving on a jet plane

don't know when I'll be back again

That's not true

I just love that song

but I am flying out Monday morning for.......

New York City

yes.....two times in one month

I have always wanted to see that

ball drop

You might be wondering why I have a picture

of medicine on a blog post

about going back to

The Big Apple

Well....I am sick

The trip is paid for

I went to emergi care today

I think they all felt sorry

for me

I got four prescriptions


a shot

The doctor says

I will be fine



It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I love Christmas
I love the decorations

I love the music. I love the shopping.
And I love Christmas Eve with my family

I always dread taking the decorations down. My house always seems so blah for a couple of days
I guess I am not the only one that feels that way.
I was reading Mary Alice's blog at Hocutt House
and liked her post of some of her decorations
since she was about to take them down
so.....I took a few pictures also

I bought this ceramic tree
at an estate sale several
years ago
It belonged to a lady here
in Berry
who loved to do ceramics

Friday, December 25, 2009

Berry Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas

From Our Family
To Yours

Merry Christmas

The Lawson Family

Monday, December 21, 2009

They said it

I just returned from a wonderful trip to New York City with part of my family. The trip was to take Emma and Abby to see NYC and especially to take them to dinner at American Girl and for their first play to be on Broadway at NYC.
There are many wonderful memories but one statement I will always remember.......

We were seeing times Square for the first time
It was night
All lit up
Emma was walking in front holding Uncle Dave's hand
She looked up at Dave and said.....

Uncle Dave, "I am going to grow up and live here"!

Also, Brady and John Brady spent the weekend with Pops at the Creepy Hollow hunting camp.
Pops said they cooked, rode in the woods, went hunting and just enjoyed being with JB3. Pops was so tickled because John Brady had such a good time.
As it was getting close to time for Brady and JB3 to go home
Pops asked JB3 if he would come back
He looked up at Pops and said.....

Pops, "I'm not leaving"!

Find That Recipe, MeMe

Kim, Emma and Abby gave me this
Tavern On The Green
Emma told me
MeMe, find the french toast recipe and give it to Pops

This is a very telling statement
1. The girls had french toast
2. Pops is known as the "cook"

I will cherish this for two reasons
1. The inscription on the front page
2. Tavern On The Green is closing

The Dreaded Airport Announcement

Your flight has been delayed

Your flight has been cancelled

Bad weather caused us to spend all Sunday afternoon and night

trying to jockey for a way to get home

After a few hours of thinking that we would

spend the night in the airport

we got on a very unexpected flight

The lady that let us on the flight

had been having a terrible day

she told us she wished she could get

all the people home

at one point I said to her

that very southern saying

"Bless Your Heart"

she looked surprised

An hour later

5 spots on a plane came open

we were 3rd in the line

Dave held up 5 fingers and pointed to us

as this same lady glanced his way

She pointed to us and said


Dave thinks it was because

I said

Bless Your Heart!

Homework - Homework - Homework

Homework doesn't go away......even when you are in

The Big Apple

Saturday night

we came back to the loft

we picked up a pizza on the way


Emma and Abby did all their

make up work

for missing school

Thursday and Friday

and did the homework

for those nights

The good thing was that

they had a bag of

specially picked by them


from the M&M store

to eat while

they did their work

New York Troopers

You couldn't have asked a 7 and 8 year old to have
done better than Emma and Abby did on our New York trip
They were real troopers
They kept up with all the walking and didn't complain during a day of bitter cold

Waiting on the play
"Mary Poppins"
to begin
New Amsterdam Theater

FAO Schwartz

The piano
that was in the movie
was it

Tavern on The Green
The last time I will ever eat there
The doors close for the
last time
December 31st

Friday, December 18, 2009

Time To Remember

What do I remember about the day Brady was born?
Of course....pain
But...that was soon forgotten
I remember
feeling like I was floating on a cloud
Surely, I had the most beautiful and perfect baby..ever!
It is a wonderful feeling when a baby is born
sometimes I think of how many babies have been born
and I am in awe that everybody
still looks on it as the most amazing experience

Daddies were not allowed in the delivery room
when Brady was born
The doctor told me that John
dressed in boots, western shirt and cowboy hat
( that years style, I promise)
threw his hat to the ceiling when he told him he had a son
Hey, I was skinny enough to not mind you seeing this picture!
December 18, 1974

To put it in the words that we use to help John Brady understand
JB1 holding JB2

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Angie!

You might wonder how I always know when it is
Angie Bozeman Cannon's birthday......no calendar needed!

35 years ago today
Shelia Bozeman and Joy Lawson
were expecting babies
Both due December 17th

We both went to the hospital
December 17th

Angie was born at around 8:00 PM

Brady took his time and was born
December 18th at 12:03 AM Angie and Brady around 4 years old
So, go over to Angie's family blog and tell her
Happy Birthday

Now you know who's birthday is