Monday, April 22, 2013

One more try

I am not sure why I seem to be having so much trouble keeping my blog up to date. This year shouldn't be as busy as last year.....when Lily was born....but somehow it seems to be. I know that a big part of it is the internet trouble we keep having and also one of my computers crashed.
Anyway.......I am giving it one more try
Here goes.........

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

After attending church the whole family heads to Berry to eat lunch and hide eggs. We were lucky this year to have everyone home for Easter. Stuart, Christy and Allie Albea also joined us for Easter. the Albeas have been celebrating Easter with us for wouldn't be Easter without them!

MeMe, Pops and all the Grands

Josh and Meredith

Courtney, Dave, Lawson and Lily

It started spitting rain and we all took off to the house.

Pops cooking.......and it was good!

No better feeling than to look around the room at all our kids...that includes my grown kids, daughter in law, son in law and grandchildren!!!

Let the Egg Hunt begin


I don't have a picture of Brady and Kim's family or Stuart and Christy's family. I will have one when I get a copy of Kim's pictures. It started drizzling rain and I had to run check the rolls so.....I will post a picture...later! 

The Easter Parade

We have an Easter Parade, every year, at Central Church of Christ. The children walk in to everybody singing Jesus Loves Me......they love it and we do too!!!

After they have gone down every aisle they all file up on the podium while the boys lead songs. This year the Central Kidz made them Easter gifts.

Lily Long and Mac Brasher.....they would have had to Lane Brock pulled them in a wagon

Lawson Long...oh yes, shades of AJ McCarron

My two boys.....John Brady Lawson, yep another bowtie, and Lawson Long

Yep, the young people at our church are multi talented.......Really, they are so sweet to our small children....they deserve a pat on the back!!!

Granny Lawson's Easter Saturday

Oh yes, all the pretty Easter baskets.
The Lawson's all gathered together at Riverchase Church of Christ, the Saturday before Easter, to enjoy each other company and to let the little ones hunt eggs

John's sister, Charlotte, always brings crafts for the kids. Lawson made this for his Mom

Uncle Josh getting eggs to hide

Josh and Meredith hiding eggs

Michele Lowery, Abby, Kim and Courtney

JB1 and JB3

Granny with Courtney

Disney World 2013

John and I flew to Disney World with Courtney's family. They were going to celebrate Lily's first birthday. We were going to keep Lily. Life is different when you have a second child. Lawson is such a Disney Pro.....I think this is probably his 10th visit.....keep in mind that Disney is where his Mom and Dad met and his Uncle Kenny still works it is like going home for them! Anyway, we kept Lily and met up with them every morning around lunch time so that Lawson wouldn't be sidelined by all the things a little bitty girl can't ride.