Monday, April 22, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

After attending church the whole family heads to Berry to eat lunch and hide eggs. We were lucky this year to have everyone home for Easter. Stuart, Christy and Allie Albea also joined us for Easter. the Albeas have been celebrating Easter with us for wouldn't be Easter without them!

MeMe, Pops and all the Grands

Josh and Meredith

Courtney, Dave, Lawson and Lily

It started spitting rain and we all took off to the house.

Pops cooking.......and it was good!

No better feeling than to look around the room at all our kids...that includes my grown kids, daughter in law, son in law and grandchildren!!!

Let the Egg Hunt begin


I don't have a picture of Brady and Kim's family or Stuart and Christy's family. I will have one when I get a copy of Kim's pictures. It started drizzling rain and I had to run check the rolls so.....I will post a picture...later! 

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Hollyhand House said...

I love the boys' bowties!! Precious family!