Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Day After

John and I had heard so much about the Paula Deen Restaurant in Tunica so.......the day after the wedding we decided to ride to Tunica and try it out.
1st we decided to ride by Elvis' home. If you have been reading my blog then you read the post back in August 2011  ( okay...I can't find it but it is on my blog somewhere in the last two years!) about the fact that "I KISSED ELVIS". I have not been back there since that day. Boy.....does it hold memories. I can still see my sister standing outside those gates. She died a few months later. John and I decided not to stop and do the tour. We were tired. John and I .....especially me....have been on the road constantly and I didn't want to pay $80.00 and be tired while I was doing the tour. We will go back!!! One big my mind it was so much bigger. Those gates look the same but in my mind they were huge!!!! The curving driveway was just as I remembered and the front of the house that I could see from the road.
We rode on to Tunica and ate lunch and then went to gamble. Yes, we spent a whole $5.00. I am not passing just isn't me and John. We spent $5.00....I looked at John and asked him if he was ready to go....yep, he was.

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