Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shoebox Christmas

 Central Church of Christ
A week ago our church came together to organize 200 shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse. This idea was suggested by our small groups young parents. It was a great idea and everybody got behind the idea.
I first became aware of this way back in 1997. Josh did this through Berry High School when he was a senior and I got to personally view how it affected these young people. At that time it was a young venture and not as organized as it is now.....as in.....you just used shoes boxes that you had at home and did not have as many suggestions etc.
Every year I give my children or if they are married their family a Christmas book. I love if I can find a book that in someway identifies with something that has happened to that child or their family during the year. This was Josh's book Christmas 1997.

Each small group at church took on a certain category to be in charge of buying. My small group had kids toys.
We had our monthly after church lunch, a Marriage Blessing for a young couple you have recently started attending services and that included our lesson for the afternoon. Then we all gathered in the sanctuary to put together the shoeboxes.
I think everyone felt the BLESSING!


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