Monday, June 3, 2013

Northport Church of God 10U Softball Team

Abby Claire is playing on a softball team this year. John and I came to her first a torrential rain storm and didn't even get out. We were finally able to go to one of her games this past weekend. They did great. We were so impressed with the team, the coach and the fans. It was fun!!!
Abby waiting to bat

She got a good hit every time she was up to bat

3rd base


Abby's coach, Shawn Phillips. Shawn played ball with Brady at Berry High School and graduated with Courtney. His daughter, Carly Beth, was very impressive at the pitcher's mound!

game over.....we won!

the best part of the game......prayer with all the players.
Get you some of that.......Washington D.C. !!!!

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