Friday, June 14, 2013

Snake Handling!!!

My Mountain Man
This past Sunday at church was our "2nd Sunday". On 2nd Sunday we eat a potluck lunch after church and then have a devotional service and do not meet that night. I love these meals. Nothing like "church people" food!
After church I went into the fellowship hall to check and see if our food was out. John had not made it in with the food yet so I decided to walk out and see if I saw him. I did not see him so.......I made a left turn and walked onto the kids playground.
We built "Cat's Playground" in honor of my dear friend Cathy Fowler so......I love that playground and feel very responsible to see that everything is always in good shape. Someone had mentioned that the playground had several ant beds in the grass and I knew Cathy would not like to have one of our precious children getting ant bit. I had asked John if he would put some poison on the ant hills after all the kids were gone that Sunday.

Any Hoo.......I walked around looking for the ant hills and found two behind the swing set. I continued walking thought the grass, that could have used cutting but really wasn't too high, and found two more ant hills. As I turned to go back to the fence door something caught my eye.
Yes indeedy......a big snake. Crawling along the foundation of the fellowship hall which meant it was on our kids PLAYGROUND!
I don't know snakes. I can't tell you if it is poisonous or not. I don't like snakes. I pretty much panic when I see a snake. So......I went with the panic.
I looked go to person when I panic!
So......I am thinking....I am not killing this snake....not getting close to it would be nice to know if it was poisonous.
So.....I go to the door and yell for my friend Meredith. She is a vet....she will know if it is poisonous. Meredith is no where to be found.
I run back to the playground and the snake has started crawling up the side of the fellowship hall. I am picturing this snake taking up housekeeping in our baptistry, but seriously......not getting close to it.
By this time my yelling for Meredith has gotten some attention and a, staying very distant, crowd of ladies has appeared. Yes, we were concerned for our kids and our church but still....not going near it!
and then
Yes Yes Yes
I see my "Mountain Man" "Swamp People" "Duck Dynasty" husband.
He came running when he saw my face....
of course, he was like's just a little ole chicken snake
Ummm....a snake.....about 5 feet long!!!!
Any hero.....walked up to it to grab it
YEP....that is what he does
This time though......little Mr Snake seemed to be very upset at the sight of all those "church people".
I bet some of his snake DNA was screaming........they are going to take me inside that church and... know the joke I was thinking about making!!!! John bent down to grab the snake it jumped up and bit his other hand.
You talk about!!!
It just made John mad....
He put his foot on it and grabbed the snake
I have seen him do to this many times
Usually the snake just stays stretched out as John walks with it
like I said....Mr Snake was mad
That snake wrapped itself around John's hand and arm
John just walked into the woods in front of the church and let it go
He doesn't kill snakes if they aren't poisonous.
Big John was just aggravated because the bite spot wouldn't quit bleeding and I got blamed for that.
His comment......I wouldn't bleed like this if you didn't make me take a baby aspirin everyday!
The snake bites him and he's mad at me!!!!
Soooo.....that was our Sunday
He got the snake and killed the ants!!
Love my "Mountain Man"

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