Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesdays With MeMe

As you might remember from previous
"Tuesdays With MeMe" posts
John Brady always wants to go with his Mommy
when she leaves to take the girls to dance

It would really be easier if his
Karate classes were on Tuesday nights
but alas
that is the only night that they don't have
them for his age

Kim and I try to find something to make him want to stay
home or aka stay with MeMe

Kim had the perfect distraction this past week
A helium tank with balloons

JB3 and MeMe has a ball
I blew up, tied the balloons
and then tied it to a string for over an hour

JB3 had them all on the ceiling in his
Mom and Dad's bedroom
It looked like a party

As I blew up a balloon with the last of the helium
I told JB3 to get them all together
and we would make a balloon bouquet

I was pretty proud of myself

John Brady was happy
and I felt pretty tickled myself

As I tied that last balloon to a string
John Brady yelled
come look MeMe
as I looked up from tying my last balloon
I saw JB3 on the outside porch
pointing upward

I ran outside in time to see all 14 or so balloons sailing upward
in the air

Oh Well
He was thrilled
and happy
that's all that mattered!

The only balloon left

The only balloon left after I ran to get my camera

Domino trying to catch the balloons

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