Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's A Whole New Year


I am going to ramble a little bit

I am sick

I have been sick since Friday, December 31st

Great way to spend a New Year's Eve

I lay in bed and thought about the year before

I was in NYC watching the ball drop


We had such a wonderful Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas

Every single thing about Christmas


I do not like to wrap gifts

thinking about hiring it done next year

it's a thought

I have all my decorations down

the inside decorations are all in the toy room

I put them there before I left for Gatlinburg

have been too sick to do anything with them

As much as I love December and Christmas

I really dislike January

I usually always get sick in January

My house always looks so dull after all the decorations are down

It is rainy and dreary

Everybody is broke

John does his serious hunting in January

so he gone a lot

I can't complain though

he hangs in there with me at Christmas


I lost my buddy in January

Shifting gears

Elaine Renfroe retired

If you are from Berry

and your child had Mrs. Renfroe for English


they went on to college

you owe her a big thank you

so here goes

Congratulations Elaine


Thank You


When I moved to Berry

many years ago

it seemed there were some characters in Berry

that were held up on pedestals

Having lived in Birmingham all my life

and trying to learn the ways of a small town

I quickly came to recognize the name

Joe Patillo


We bought John Brady a big boy 20 inch

bicycle for Christmas

Brady couldn't get it in the van that night

so it had been at our house since Christmas

John Brady had never rode a bike without training wheels

I took JB3's bike to him Monday

Brady took all the kids to the park Monday afternoon

to ride bikes

John Brady was scared to try his new bike

Brady got him on, gave him a push

and that big boy took off riding like he had been doing

it for years

Woo Hoo JB3

Josh went back home last weekend

I get used to him being gone


when I am around him for a few days

I really miss him after he leaves

Love you, Joshie

Josh and I had a really good football talk

About Alabama and Auburn

About the way you see things when you get away from them

About fans and what they think they know

about the mind of a coach

like I said

a good talk

opened my eyes a little

Did I tell you that my kids got me a


for Christmas

I have been too sick to fool with it

but since I am finally feeling better

look out

can't wait to read from my Kindle

Back to Christmas

I love picture Christmas cards.

I love getting any Christmas cards

love the sentiment and that the person

cared enough to send it to me

I keep my picture cards and put them out every Christmas

Our family Christmas card this year

was one of the easiest we have ever done

We really didn't do a theme like I usually do

We didn't do a beach family picture this year

so I knew I wanted the Christmas picture to

be a good family picture

Sue Moon came and clicked the camera for us

thank you, Sue

you're a good friend

We made the pics with Kim's camera

I bet in just the space of a few minutes we had 200 pics snapped

Here's the funny

If you flip through them it is

like a old time movie of

Lawson picking his nose!

you know how everybody looks at the camera

Well, Law man was looking at the camera but he cleaned out both sides

of his nose

we had maybe 10 that he wasn't picking his nose

oh well

I think our card turned out fine

If you don't get one from my family and would

like to get one I would love to put you on our list


Sarah Palin


can't help it

I love her

watching Sarah Palin's Alaska as I write this

I will be glad when the TV programming is

back to normal

my son in law is going to Arizona

for Auburn's championship game

Stub Hub offered him today

a full refund for the price of his ticket

plus $2000.00 if he would sell it back to them

He turned them down

I don't blame him

I was standing in the stands at The Rose Bowl last year

when Alabama became the

National Champions


now, about blogger
Blogger drives me crazy
I can spend hours getting the spacing just right
I preview my work
everything is just as I want it
and then
I hit
Publish Post
just does whatever it wants
if you notice
some single space
and some double space
It is not me trying
to be creative
It is the mind of BLOGGER
and I finally quit caring!

Well, they are saying that is is going to snow
I don't think I will ever get too old for snow
my favorite thing about snow
How quiet everything gets
when you walk outside in snow everything is muffled

and finally
we have two dogs
one is coming to the end of her days
I am trying to accept and come to grips with this


kimberly t. bowling said...

So, I'll ramble a bit in my comments too...

Sorry you've been is no fun! I absolutely love every thing about Christmas also, and think the same thing about my house, it almost looks barren without my Christmas decor. And I will wrap your gifts for you anytime! Mrs. Renfroe was the BEST teacher ever. Bar none, all through my years, including college. I was saddened to hear of Joe's passing and my heart aches for Dian. Yahoo to JB3 and his bike SKILLZ. And I miss Josh too...moreso presently because I got to see him briefly during Christmas break and told him to me, no matter his real age, he'll always be like 12. :) Would love to have been in on that good football talk, sounds like it was the best. Don't have a kindle, but Katelyn received one from Santa...I haven't read anything on it but did play a few games of scrabble (surprise surprise). Law picking his nose is hilarious. Love it. And I enjoy watching Sarah Palin's Alaska too...think she's a phenomenal lady. I've always thought Courtney has her same determination. Sorry about your dogs.

Amanda McCrory said...

I Love the rambling thoughts

ChrisJean3 said...

This post, made me smile, made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes!! I have promised myself that I am getting back in the blogging business this year...I've been a real slacker for the last 6 months. Love you Mrs. Joy!!

Joy said...

love all three of you girls!