Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Watched it in the Emergency Room


Auburn Tigers
2010 National Champions
I f you saw this earlier I had 2011
always seems to cause me a problem

It was sort of a let down for me. We had made plans to watch the game. Planned our food and where we would watch it. Instead, I watched the 1st half in the emergency room in Birmingham. Totally different town and definitely a different venue than was planned. My son in law was at the game in Arizona. I came to Birmingham Saturday to stay with Courtney until Monday. After Lawson got out of Mom's Day Out we were heading to Berry. We were then going to Brady's to watch the game and eat some Dreamland ribs. Well, old man weather took care of that. Courtney did not get to fly out to work, I didn't get to go home and then the Law Man got sick.

Our emergency room trip couldn't have worked out any better. The people were so nice and treated Lawson quickly so we could get off the road. There were TVs everywhere in the hospital but at that time I was just worrying about getting us back home.

We made it home for the second half but we were kind of mentally and emotionally
cooked by that time.

I wanted to enjoy the game. Scream and holler for the last time until August.
That didn't happen because I was just too tired at that point. It was a good game. Guess I am glad. I really expected Auburn to beat them by 50 points. I truly think Cam Newton is the best player I have ever seen. But, having a close Championship Game just makes it that much sweeter.

So now
everybody can hate the whole State of Alabama
Oh, you know they all hate us!

It dawned on me as I was about to post this that somebody just visiting might not realize that I am a big Alabama fan. I didn't want to take anything away from Auburn in my congratulation post so I didn't say anything about it. so just in case....Roll Tide Roll!


kimberly t. bowling said...

Hope Lawson is feeling better today. Glad they gave y'all speedy service for that sick baby and you were able to drive home safely too! So proud of my tigers! The SEC is a total domination. It's crazy.

Brady said...

Mom, we obviously need to talk

hicksfamilycircus said...

THank you Aunt Joy for the congrats. Looks like me and our son need to talk!!! ;)