Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Last Shopping Trip

5 years ago
at this time
I was on my last shopping trip with Cathy

John Brady's 1st Birthday party was the upcoming Saturday
Kim had put a quilt rack on his birthday wish list
She wanted one to hang on the wall
so his baby quilt would be kept safe

Cathy and I loved any reason to go shopping
Cathy was working at the mine early hours and long days
She never would let me go by myself

I called her that day and told her I was going to Tuscaloosa to try to
find a hanging quilt rack
She said to wait until she got off work and she would go with me
I am so glad we had that last trip together
It was strictly a trip to hunt a quilt rack
We took turns running into every store we thought might
have a chance of having one
In the end
we did not find a quilt rack
I ordered him one off the Internet and gave it to him late
we got our last shopping trip
We did our usual
she came to Billy Gibson's and parked
I picked her up
We stopped at Big Al's to get a
cold cold Diet Dr. Pepper and some peanut M&M's
You have to have energy to power shop

We shopped and then ate supper
then I took her back to her car and she rode home to Fayette

That was our last shopping trip together
3 1/2 days later she was gone

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