Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Driving to Tuscaloosa yesterday I was listening to
The Gail King Show
on my Sirius radio.
The topic was losing your memory as you get older!
It made a lot of sense. The older we get the fuller our brain is.
The guest compared it to a full computer disc.....
if nothing is physically wrong....
you can remember what you need to just takes longer to come up!
it made this come to my mind....


ST8 3549

It was a "party line"
that was back in the early 19 ...... Oh, ummm ....I can't seem to remember!

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sue said...

Mine was ST6-5707. And it was earlier 19-- than yours was. It is amazing the useless information your mind is cluttered with. And then you can't remember where you put your keys!!