Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Go Home
We have had the tradition of eating at Sea N Suds on the day we check out but......they keep making the time to be out of the condo earlier and earlier....so with small children, that have been on vacation for a week, we just can't justify waiting until Sea N Suds opens and having ill and tired children on the trip home. Brady's family left out first because his kids wanted to stop by the "shark" souvenir shop and then they ate breakfast/lunch at Cracker Barrel. John and I had to get into all the Saturday traffic and take our keys back to Meyer ugh........

Lawson was riding back home with us because there was not one spot for him in his "jam packed with baby stuff" car. Lawson is a picky eater...getting better....but if you can distract him he will eat without thinking...sometimes....so, I thought he might enjoy having a roll "throwed" at him. We stopped at Lambert's and even though it was impossibly crowded we had to stay because Lawson wanted to catch a roll. Believe it or not we got in pretty quick.....those people know how to manage a crowd!

Josh and Meredith were going to meet her parents on Dolphin Island for their family vacation. They rode the ferry across. I want to do that , someday!
The 2013 Lawson family vacation.....this little girl will be walking and talking!

Can't wait until next year. I love our family beach vacation.

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Hollyhand House said...

I loved all the beach posts! What great memories!!