Friday, July 6, 2012 a flash!

I do not like change. But, by the time you are my age you get used to it. Change is necessary and has a cycle. When I realize that something is changing, I think about how I don't want it to change, I gradually get used to the idea, I accept the change and starts changing again! So goes the ebb and flow of life.
Once your children are out of college...your life is a constant change ...they have all been great changes but a signal that they are no longer your, the college years are very dear to my  heart!

My 3 children lived in many dorms on The University of Alabama campus. I was a big believer in dorm living. I think it is part of your education. I realize that my opinion is not popular but it hasn't changed. I need to make a list of all the dorms that Lawson's lived in and do a blog post. I know that Brady's dorm, Paty Hall, is gone and I think at least one hall that Courtney lived in is gone.
Josh spent his Master's and UofA Football Graduate Assistant years living in Rose Towers. He has some stories.....helping tend to the new recruits! He had a nice little was old but we "homied" it up and he seemed to enjoy living there.

As I was  walking to the parking lot to view the "implosion of Rose Towers" I kept having the same memory run through my mind of us walking through the front doors loaded down with all of Josh's things for his room. I always loved moving in day. I loved any time on campus and moving day always had a "charged air of anticipation".

You know me.....yep, I got a little teary eyed!

I got to the parking lot, that they were letting spectators use, at 7:00 PM for the 8:00 PM implosion. Glad I got there early because I actually had to park in a no parking spot....but it was okay since school was closed for the 4th. Many people right after me had to walk a long way. I got a spot and sat down to wait. At the 30 minutes mark they sounded an alarm that truly hurt your ears. It was the beginning countdown warning, it went off again at 5 minutes and then it went off and announced less than 1 minute. Everyone got ready and things got very still and quiet. You could hear the charges going off before you saw any movement. It was like time was standing still! Then you began to see it crumble and it was gone in a flash! 

43 years of memories.

Phase II of the Presidential Village Residential Community will go in it's place.
Well, Rose Towers is gone and I am used to it. Now, I will admire the new building that goes in it's place. If I am still here in 43 years (please try not to roll in the floor laughing!).....Josh has to take me to see this building being tore down!!!

Thanks for the memories!

Hey.....just found out that Paty Hall is still standing. That's one change I didn't have to worry about!!!!

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Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

Great pictures!

That is one thing I learned while working at UA, things are constantly changing. Thankfully it is always a good change.

I'm excited to see the new dorms. Who knows maybe one day my kids may be living in them :)