Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Orange Beach

Here We Come
Heading out on our annual Lawson Family Beach Trip. We stopped in Pelham and picked up Lawson. His Mom had to be out of state and had just gotten back home so....he rode on down with us while his parents packed.

Brady put a carrier on top of our car full of his family's chairs etc..he left it unlocked since there was a little room left so we could put things in it.....apparently..... Pops did not close or lock it correctly because Josh sent us a text ( Josh and Meredith were behind us after we picked up Lawson) to get off at the next stop but....... when people began honking and motioning....we pulled off on the busy highway.....Josh got it fixed
Okay...back to the car top carrier.....you can't get up the parking deck of Turquoise Place with a carrier on top so........we had to park at the bottom, unload the carrier, take off the carrier, unload the inside of the Yukon and then put the carrier inside the Yukon. Luckily we had lots of people to help but........Lawson got a little bored!

Enjoying the jacuzzi on our balcony
Lily thought she had her own Jacuzzi bathing in the big sink in the laundry room!
looking up at our condo while Lily and I were strolling

Sadly, a man went missing in the ocean right in front of our condo
does this remind anybody of the life of the mother of a new baby
Red flags and search and rescue....luckily we had great pools and a lazy river for the first day

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