Monday, September 9, 2013


Here come the Tubas!
I said in an excited voice as we sat waiting on the Alabama - Virginia Tech game to begin.
John turned and looked at me with a look that said it all.........
He will never understand how excited I get over a band!
a little background
John and I were high school sweethearts. He played football and I was in the band.
Two organizations that were total opposites!
He would say...I am a ball player and you are a tooter!
Over our years of marriage John has very graciously accepted my love of a band. He has followed me all over the Alabama campus and all over campuses in other states as I follow the
Million Dollar Band.
I can still remember how it felt when the Minor High School Band snapped to
attention as the drums began the cadence that would lead us into
the stands. You could hear the Minor fans roar as they heard the cow bells that the drums included in their cadence. I remember the feeling as we marched down the paved road and made the turn heading toward the football field......we had to stay in line, eyes ahead and keep our mind on just how high your knee went as we marched but you could still see the crowd going wild. Wow....I
would love to do that one more time!
So, you see, I get excited when I see the tubas begin to move out of the stands at
Alabama games, I get excited when the band plays on the steps of the Quad and I absolutely love to
follow them as they march into Bryant Denny Stadium and then rush to get in where I can stand and listen to them as they turn toward the stands and play "The Alabama Fight Song"!
John will never understand it but he loves me and sweetly indulges me because

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Say8tan said...

To love someone fully you must accept all their vices too, the good along with the bad, or not so common. So I'd say "your john" truly loves you. So you can count yourself one of the lucky ones, as love, especially true love is slowly becoming scarce, unfortunately.