Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Labor Day Weekend

Alabama vs Virginia Tech
When I decided that I wanted to go to this game...... all the Alabama tickets had been sold out. Luckily, Brady was looking online
back around April and discovered that Virginia Tech had not sold all their tickets and we were able to order tickets from them.
I was not worried about sitting with a group of Virginia Tech fans. Years ago, John and I went to Nashville to a Music City Bowl where Alabama happened to play Virginia Tech......remember that one....I'll never forget it....not only did we get out butts beat but it rained chunks of ice for half the ball game and.....the country singer that sang The National Anthem butchered it so bad that the whole stadium resang it when he was finished.
John and I took a bus from the Opryland Hotel to the game. We only discovered we could do this as John was asking for help in where to park. So......we took the and a bus load of Virginia Tech fans. Wow......were they nice folks. We got really tickled when they asked why we didn't have warmer University of Alabama clothes.....we told them we didn't usually need them!
I never....never leave an Alabama game until it is over. So, John and I sat in the sleeting rain watching the clock tick down. As we boarded the bus to go back to the Opryland Hotel the Virginia Tech fans were gracious and not mad at us because they had all sat on the bus since half time waiting on us......I mean....they were winning and it was sleeting and freezing.
Soooo......I was kind of looking forward to sitting with them. Hoping at the end of the game I would be able to be a gracious winner to them. didn't happen.....this Virginia Tech section had only two fans sitting in it. They did have
a good size group of fans but not in our section.
Anyway, we enjoyed the game......but we've got a lot of work to do!
ROLL TIDE.....anyway

The Chick Fil A Band....too funny

Really got tired of hearing.....Who is going to wear "The Old Leather Helmet?"

We stayed in a great spot. Our hotel was within walking distance of the Marta.
We rode it over to the game with no trouble.
But......oh my, this claustrophobic woman wasn't about to get in the middle of this
surge of people trying to get on the Marta to get back to their hotels. I was looking down at all the people and a policeman
walked up beside me, looked down, and informed me that in all his years of working
for Marta he had never seen that many people trying to get on a train!
We waited and waited and finally, I felt like it was okay.......wrong.
But I made it......a major accomplishment for me!

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