Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cataloochee Valley
This time last year I was packing our bags for our Yellowstone trip to experience
the elk rut. John and I were talking and wishing we were going back when it dawned on us that we had Monday, we decided to leave from Atlanta, early Sunday morning, head to Helen, and then head over to Cataloochee Valley to be there around sunset in hopes of seeing the elk and hearing them bugle.
We had always heard of Helen, Georgia but had never been there.
We decided we would just ride through since it was on the way to Maggie Valley and see if we wanted to come back some other time. As we were approaching the city limits of Helen we saw a sign for the Cabbage Patch Hospital. I told john that I knew it was somewhere around here but did not realize that it was that close to Helen. He whipped our car around and headed that way.
I have two shelves of dolls that were born at this hospital. Ha Ha......Courtney loved her Cabbage Patch dolls
and she is still very picky about them!

Helen, Georgia

We ate at this restaurant in Maggie Valley....ummmm good!

After, we checked into our hotel in Maggie Valley we headed to Cataloochee Valley.
It is a slow get into the valley and then in most places it is a one car lane. So,
when we got to a field that we thought we might see some elk.....we found a spot where we could back the car in and wait. That's when a little car comes in handy. As I was getting out
of the car I looked up and there was two babies....running and cute!

We sat and watched the babies and the mamas and I told John I was going to walk down the road and take pics.......
like this one..... when what did I walk up on.....all by myself

this big boy

Bugling.....if you haven't heard a elk need too!

We always stop and eat breakfast at this little store when we are in Maggie Valley.
We love it

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