Friday, July 23, 2010

I Have A Phobia

I have a Phobia
In my first tell all post
I am admitting to the fact that I have a full blown case of
It all began years ago
I always would have that feeling in tight places
I would think to myself
I really don't like this
but it never really affected me
I was on an elevator that
Yes, it fell about 12 floors before the brakes caught
I was in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl
The Berry cheerleaders
of which Courtney was a member
were a part of the half time show
We were staying on the 18th floor of a hotel
When I got on the elevator it was empty
I went down 2 floors and a security guard got on
We went down a few more floors and around 15 band members got on
I was pushed to the back wall
I remember someone asking the security guard if we were over loaded
he replied
About that time the elevator just started dropping
The doors would slam open and shut at every floor
we were going so fast that it was just a continual open and shut
That part is a blur
Everyone was screaming
as the brakes started trying to catch
The elevator stopped about a foot below the lobby floor
The lights went out and everyone was still screaming
It seemed like all the air was sucked out of that elevator
The guard yelled for everyone to be quiet so he could call for help
I really don't remember a lot after that
that I reached through all those kids
grabbed the arm of the guard
told him to get me off now
He must have believed me
because after begging me not to
he lifted me up where I could climb through that small space to the lobby
I remember a friend that saw me right afterwards said my face was beet red
I climbed the 18 flights of steps after that everyday
I have been climbing the steps everywhere we went since then
last October I decided I was tired of the Phobia ruling my life
it was getting worse and was affecting me in other parts of my life
I was tired of my friends having to change things because of my Phobia
I, luckily, found a great doctor in Tuscaloosa
he helped me get over my Phobia
it is still there
I have it under control
and it is a great feeling
I was on the church youth beach trip
one activity was a message on the refrigerator everyday
the kids (and us) responded to whatever the question was
It did my heart good to see this written on the frig that day
I Love You Central kids!

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