Friday, July 23, 2010

A Life Most Ordinary

I have updated my blog again.

It only took a week this time

I laughed as I was doing the posts

How absolutely boring we must seem to people


One thing life has taught me is that


is a very good thing

I love being





beware of some very

ordinary and boring posts

of an

ordinary and boring life

Just the way I like it!


Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

Kyler and I constantly joke about our "simple boring life" and how much we LOVE it. I feel very blessed to be so content with my life. It is nice being able to fully enjoy my life without wanting more.

Joy said...

Well said, Jennifer.

The Cannons said...

Loved the updates and they were not boring. They were full of 2 of the best things in life~family and love. Not boring~just blessed!!:)

sue said...

If your life is boring, mine must be dead!!

kimberly said...

All the updates were times with they always say, it is the simplest pleasures in life that mean the most. I couldn't agree more...that's why I love and thus stay on my hill so much!! :)

PS...Mrs. Sue's comment made me laugh out loud, seriously. :)

Joy said...

Sue always makes me laugh!