Thursday, July 15, 2010

Central Church of Christ Youth Trip

Every year I go with the youth from our church on a beach trip

I decided to go ahead and go this year

It is easy to forget your cares when you are at the beach


I think these kids help keep me young


I Love Them!I got home from my family beach trip on Sunday night and

left on the youth trip on Wednesday morning

The weather was sooooo much better

and the beaches were tooo

The sea gulls still seem desperate

Turquoise Place


It has to be the nicest beach condo that I have ever seen

Kaylea and Jacey McGuire

making pictures of the picture maker

Cole, Daphne and Connor McCabe

Beautiful girls

inside and out

our youngest youth group members

the girls love to make this picture

oh, yeah!

police waiting on Jimmy Buffett

in front of our condo

he was in one of the top suites

along with the governor

that's him

packing up

We always stop at the farm market

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MomMom said...

Don't you just love spending time with the younger people at church (or anywhere almost)? How refreshing and they keep us young. Glad you shared pictures of your trip.