Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bittersweet Memories

Moody Building
University of Alabama

Last week, I took Abby to her guitar lesson. She takes from a student at the Moody Music Building on the campus of Alabama. Emma and JB3 were with us. As we pulled into the parking lot across the street we saw the Million Dollar Band practicing.....and so began the flood of memories. But, herding three children across a busy street quickly sent the memories to the back of my mind. We went inside, left Abby with her instructor, and went back outside.

Emma and JB3 wanted to go to the back of the Moody Building to wait on Abby. As we walked outside I noticed several groups practicing their instruments. I walked to the middle of the pretty small park-like spot and found a place to sit. Emma and John Brady immediately began playing, as only children that age can, with whatever they could find to make into a game. It was a wonderfully pleasant afternoon. I love to be on Alabama's campus when it isn't a ballgame day. It is so beautiful, so many huge old trees and the atmosphere just soothes my soul. I would love to live on the edge of the campus in one of those tiny, timeless old dream! I sat there just enjoying the opportunity of being with my grandchildren, being on the campus I love and reveling in the great weather with the sounds of music floating in the air.

Then came the rush of memories. Just right past where one young man was practicing was where Cathy and I had set up a picnic. Let's go back in time.......Josh was a graduate assistant with the Alabama football team and Anna was a Crimsonette. The first year Anna tried out for Crimsonette we were inexperienced. When a lunch break was called, we hurried to the closest fast food restaurant, Arby's, along with every other person and had a long wait for food that just filled you up and then sat in your stomach. Anna became a member of the Crimsonettes that year but you have to try out again every year. So, the next year Cathy and I discussed how to handle lunch. We decided on a picnic. We did it up good. It was basically a Crimsonette tryout tailgate party. Cathy made the most wonderful chicken salad, I did fruit and we had many other things. We got under a tree behind the Moody building and ate and then Anna would lay down on a blanket and chill. It was so much easier than the rush to a fast food restaurant and so much fun too! Anna was a Crimsonette every year and Josh was on the football field. What a wonderful time we had.

Fast Forward to October 2010
Anna is a lawyer and married and Josh is a college football coach
Cathy has been gone for 4 years and 9 months
I though Cathy and I would grow old talking about these memories
I try to keep the memories pushed back
life goes on
that day as I sat there
I could picture us all over in that corner
Me, John, Cathy and Steve
a little scared
wanting the anticipation to be over
enjoying every minute of it

Grief and memories sneak up on you
time helps
I didn't cry
in fact
I smiled
what would life be without memories


Kim Lawson said...

I hesitated to ask you to take her because I had a feeling being at Moody would bring back some memories. I'm glad you smiled.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Aw, sweet memories, thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! I can't drive by Moody without thinking about the picnics and tryouts. You two had it down to an ART by the time the third and fourth year rolled around. And my third year was when Coach Price got fired and Josh about had a heartattack. :) Such great memories at Moody!!!!!!!

Steve Fowler said...

Thanks Joy! Good memories. A lot of these memories came back to me looking at homecoming pictures that have been posted.