Friday, October 1, 2010


Glad I didn't have time to think about it!
The Monday after we spent the weekend in Florence
I had a doctor's appointment

I have been limping for about a year
it had gradually gotten really bad
my friends were asking
what was wrong
I had many thoughts about this
some silly and some scary

I decided to go to a chiropractor
to see if he could help
I went for 2 1/2 weeks
he told me I needed to go see a
orthopedic doctor
So, John wanted me to go see
the doctor that had operated on him
and his Mother
we went
that Monday afternoon to see Dr Bramlett
They did an xray of my hip and leg
before I saw the doctor

Dr Bramlett walked in
looked at me
and said
"hurts to walk, doesn't it"
well, he knew what was wrong
showed me on the xray
and said
you need surgery
so that Wednesday
I had my hip and leg operated on
at Brookwood Hospital

We got home to Berry that
night at 8:00

The first few days were painful
since then it has mostly been sore
and I am not sleeping because I
can't sleep on my side

I went back to the doctor Thursday
he said I was doing great
Even with still healing
all the bruising still on my leg
it feels better to walk already
Thank God
modern medicine!The gorgeous socks they give you
at the hospital
let you keep as a souvenir

Get Well cards
that Emma and Abby
made for me

Lawson came to visit me
and try to make me feel better
I had to cut out his face
to see his face
would mean that
you could see my face
it wasn't looking too good at this point


ChrisJean3 said...

Glad to hear your doing good!! Will keep you in my prayers!! Love you!!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Awww, Mrs. Joy....sorry about the surgery but I have to say, those may be the ugliest shade of green socks I've ever seen. :)

But on a positive note, the get well cards were precious...the Alabama berries too cute! :)