Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Alabama Homecoming Tradition

I love being on campus with my Grand kids
We ended up a little closer to town this year
where it wasn't as crowded

It is fun sitting around and talking to people you know
and people you don't know but share your love of Alabama
My Favorite Alabama Fans
Emma, Abby Claire and JB3

Tyrone Prothro
I love this guy
I can still see that great
behind the back of his opponent catch
I can still see the play that ended his career

Josh was a Graduate Assistant
when this happened
I remember being at Auburn for the
Iron Bowl
John and I got to go stand outside the
locker room door after the game
walked by us
on crutches
John turned to him
and said
with a thumbs up
as we all know
next year never came for him

Leigh Ann
one of our youth group girls
from church
Love this girl!

Love, Love, Love
the band

Oh my, those
Fraternity Boys!!!!

Never get tired of seeing this!

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