Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big Family.....Big Fun

The Lawson Family got together last Saturday for their
Christmas Party. We met at John's brother's new house to celebrate.
Uncle David and Aunt Linda live in Priceville, Alabama. It was a
beautiful day for a road trip and it made it feel so Christmasy!
Priceville is a smaller town (now not small like Berry) outside of Huntsville.
So neat and clean and in the valley right below mountains.
When I say that the Lawson's converged on Priceville...well we are a big family
and when we get together it is very noticeable. Also......there is the little GPS thing!
Priceville is a growing ever changing town. GPS can't seem to keep up with it
there were many Lawson's driving all over Priceville before phone calls were made
and everybody converged and blocked the street in Linda and David's sub division.
My favorite thing about the Lawson get togethers are how much fun the little kids have.
My Grandkids look forward to Granny Lawson get togethers because they know
there will be a pile of cousins there.
Well.......this year...the now Daddy cousins and a few older of the Greats
had a football game going in the back yard that would have made the Kennedy clan proud.
We always have so much food that you leave stuffed and don't need to eat until the next day.
Of course, the younger cousins are counting the minutes until
it is time to hand out presents. PawPaw was always Santa. PawPaw
has been gone for 13 years. Every year one of the older Grandsons
takes on the job. This year Brady was Santa.

Justin and Kayla
This cute couple are getting married in June
More beautiful Lawson Grand babies in the future!
Uncle David (I am sure with Aunt Linda's help) had made the
backyard at their home gorgeous. You can see everybody enjoying the fire pit.
I made a great picture of the patio/firepit that had the back of the house in
the pic but because I love my SIL ( who by the way looked great from the back)
and nieces ( who would say why did you put in that pic and also looked great) I did not use that picture.
There was a small creek behind their house. Of course, the kids found it
and immediately started throwing everything they could find into it.
Oh Well.......
it really kept them entertained
and of course
Uncle David said...
It's fine...just let them have a good time
We joked later that night
Uncle David got on his rubber boots and cleaned out
the creek after we left!
here is Brady cleaning John Brady's boots
after playing around (in) the creek
Last but certainly not least
The leader of our gang
cleaning up with Aunt Linda

Thanks......David and Linda
It was a great Lawson day!

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