Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Very Nashville Weekend

Me, Kim, Emma, Abby Claire, John Brady, Courtney
Dave and Lawson
loaded up and took off for Nashville
after Thanksgiving.
This time last year we were all in
New York (except JB3 & Lawson). You can't go non stop with
a 8 and 7 year old. I have seen the Rockettes in New York City and
at the BJCC. Both were great. So I decided last year that we could skip the Rockettes in NYC
and go another time. When Abby Claire's birthday rolled around I started
hunting tickets to the Rockettes. It just so happened that they were not performing in Birmingham this year......but they were performing in my second favorite (1st being NYC) town....Nashville.
So.....we loaded up after Thanksgiving and headed to Nashville for a
Very Christmas Weekend in honor of
Abby Claire's August Birthday.All four children loved the Rockettes.
Not surprising that the girls would love it but both the boys
sat still and watched the whole show.
Now, both boys were very proud of the "cupcake popcorn" they
got at intermission.
I never get tired of this show. It always has something different
every year but also always has the same things that you love every year.
The kids and I agree that we love the Tin Soldiers. Especially when they fall down.
Pretty amazing!
The Nativity portrayal
was breathtaking
I looked down our row
there sat my stair step Grandchildren
watching the Nativity
with round eyes and mouths open
and this ole MeMe
teared up and made a fool of herself
How blessed I am
and I certainly said a quick prayer of thanks!
After the show we walked to the Opryland Hotel.
We were so excited to see it after the
Grand Reopening.
Walking through the hotel at Christmas
is one of my favorite things.

We rode the boat cruise so that we could get
a good view of everything.

Emma, Abby and JB3 gave me this
Nutcracker to remind me of our trip!

Here is the note that Abby gave me with it
Guess you can tell we were staying at the Fairfield Inn

The next morning we all met downstairs
and had brunch
and headed to

Little man was swallowed whole in his coat
But, he seemed warm!

The room with the ICE SLIDE

All the Lawson's in line to slide

Lawson loved it!

Abby Claire

John Brady

The Nativity scene

There was supposed to be a picture of Kim coming
down the slide
right here
but it got accidentally deleted and
control Z
wouldn't bring it back
it must have been meant to be
Dave and Kim
both went down the slide
but Blogger just wouldn't cooperate to put the picture on here

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Kim Lawson said...

Abby picked out the Nutcracker because she thought it would be the perfect reminder of your favorite part of the show! We had a great time! Thanks for everything!