Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas Eve morning began with
what all us Alabamians have dreamed of

Checking to see if anything was in the stockings!

My Grand daughters are all into
"As Seen On TV"
well, about 10 days before Christmas Emma tells me about a new product that she saw on TV.
It was called Press Dough. She got out her Netbook and shows it to me. Since we spend all day together on Christmas Eve the kids usually do their cookies for Santa at my house. The island is just big enough for them to all work together and be in the middle of the adult activity. So...I thought...hey, this Press Dough would be really neat for their Santa cookies. So I order it........and it didn't get here before Christmas. The only thing that didn't make it! I really thought it would get here so I did not have a back up plan. Luckily, Kim saved the day. She came prepared for the kids to make these darling reindeer cupcakes. They had a ball working on them.

I started a tradition several years ago of giving the men in the family
a "man toy". Several of my vapor sisters do this also. We put our heads together every year and decide on a good toy and we all buy the same thing.
This year it was the "much advertised"
Duck Hunter
The big kids and the little kids had a great time playing.
The man toy is one of the gifts that gets opened early in the day and it
gives everybody a good laugh playing with it

The Lawson and Long men cooking supper

Our traditional candle light dinner

Abby Claire has been taking guitar lessons for about 3 months
She gave us a wonderful Christmas memory
A guitar rendition of Jingle Bells
We were so proud of her

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