Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Memories

Back in 2000 our church, Central Church of Christ, bought a
beautiful huge Christmas tree to put up in the sanctuary.
Everyone in the church decorated a ball to put
on the tree. We decorated Christmas tree balls for about 6 years until
we got the tree completely full. We haven't decorated any balls since.
So, every year we have a little get together after church to
put up and decorate the tree.
It is so much fun to read all the Christmas balls. Some of the members
aren't with us anymore and it gives us a time to think of them
and talk about fun times.
I had my camera with me so I snapped a few pics.

We decorated this ball.
for Cathy in 2003.
Cathy had just had open heart surgery and was home recooperating.
We thought she had come through that surgery and we didn't have
anything else to worry about.
The last one she decorated

and finally...putting the skirt around the tree.

Cole putting on the tree topper

it is a gorgeous tree

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Celebration Longs said...

I love this!!!! What a personal and memorable way to come together as one family. Merry Christmas!