Monday, April 18, 2011

A Doggy Life Well Spent

Bama Lawson

1995 - 2011

Bama loved her family. I knew that I was safe if she was outside. Nothing to worry about. Bama considered it her life's work to protect her family. You did not come into our yard unless you were on her "list". She dearly loved my Mother, "GMama", and GMama rewarded her well for that love. If we had any leftover steak we had to hide it because GMama was giving it to Bama.

She was a loyal and faithful dog to the end.

Sunday, we gave her a bath and gave her a steak for supper. Today, I talked to her all day and got her a cheeseburger from F&G ( Bama's favorite ). I held her, as best I could, all the way to the vet's office and let her stick her nose out the window. She would lick my face and then lay her head on my arm.

What a way to go.... lived a long and full life, loved dearly and surrounded by the people who have cared and loved you.

Bama, I hope there is a "doggy heaven" so you can run high on that mountain!

Go find GMama....I am sure she is waiting on you....

I already miss her but I am at peace.

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