Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Great Easter Day

Yes, it was a great day. A day spent with family, old friends and new friends. I am never happier than when my family is making memories and traditions. I love setting a table with my china and deciding on a centerpiece. Even if my boys make fun of the Easter chick because the people on one side of the table have to look at the chick's backside. Someday when Emma, Abby Claire, John Brady, Lawson, and any other Grandchildren I may have, inherit my things I want them to have memories of eating on that china or laughing at the chick. The thought that they might all want that chick because of the memories makes me smile.

We started the day at church with the children having an Easter Parade. So sweet and cute. Emma didn't want to do the parade but did it anyway so that Lawson would feel more secure. What a great cousin!

After church we came to Berry, made pictures and then ate lunch. I ate way too much.....but that's what family holiday meals are about.....eating too much! Then the guys went outside and hid Easter eggs for the kids.

The Easter Parade at Central Church of Christ

Allie Albea

My boys

Josh and Meredith

Steve and John

Kim, Courtney and MeMe (we really were there) are in a family picture but I didn't get one with my camera. Look for that picture on Kim's blog and Meredith has one on facebook.

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