Friday, April 8, 2011

Richard Scrushy Estate Sale

Hunting for Bargains After a Titans Fall: Everything Must Go

Richard Scrushy's Household

Sold off in a Yard Sale

"We got a $2.9 billion judgment, and our job is to satisfy that judgment," said John Somerville, who represents the lead shareholder in the suit. Part of our job is to seize assets and sell those, and that can include the $5 million lake house and that can include the $3 dollar lampshade."

Courtney bought the $3 dollar lampshade!

Hey, her purchase made the paper!

I had not seen Lawson in about 3 weeks. That weekend worked out great to go visit because John was gone on a turkey hunting trip. I happened to see an article in The Tuscaloosa News about this estate sale. When I arrived at Courtney and Dave's I showed them the article and asked if they might like to go. Well, they already knew about it and had planned to go.

We loaded up at 8:15 BIS. We got numbers to enter. 150's

The first 300 people got a sticker with a number. They opened the main gates and everybody took off. But, at the doors everybody had to line up according to their number. If you were not the first 300 people you only got in the gate as people left. If two people left then two people got in.

The sale was at Scrushy's barn. I really went just to get one thing that I could say had been his. I could have bought a lot. Everything was very reasonably priced.

Scrushy's daughter was in line in front of us (according to write ups in the paper) I think I saw the group. How sad for her.....I guess.

I have mixed emotions but know if it had been my money or job lost I wouldn't have any mixed emotions. Why do I have mixed emotions?

Years ago I went with Teresa Howell and Curt to one of the new fine buildings on 280 that carried Richard Scrushy's name. The late Christopher Reeve spoke on Spinal Cord Injury

and I know that Richard Scrushy contributed to this cause that is dear to my heart.

It was such a great night for Curt. Richard Scrushy spoke and made the event open to people with the same disability. I wish he hadn't let the fame and fortune do him in!

Anyway, we stayed, at the sale, for several hours and Lawson did great. Of course, it helps to have 3 people to entertain him. He got a big blue sucker toward the end for being good. I took Lawson outside to eat the sucker and he found a restaurant fountain drink machine for sale. Lawson entertained himself and many other people playing "restaurant".

The side of the barn where you pick up large buys. Someone said ( do not know if this is correct) that the house was where the caretaker lived.

We had to put half of the backseat down to get one of Dave's purchases. So.....Courtney rode home in the little spot left. She had to climb in after it was tied down.

No, Lawson did not ride back there. He was safely in his car seat but he wanted back there when we got home!

Finally, home so he can play!
Blue tongue from the sucker he got at

the sale for being a good boy,

********BIS********This has turned into a joke with Dave and I. We saw an episode of "Everybody loves Raymond" where Raymond was talking about how Deborah was never ready on time and how his Dad had alway told them the time they were leaving "AIS". So we adapted this to be a little better language to "butt in seat" I bet you can guess what "ais" stands for. We left Saturday morning 8:15 BIS!

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