Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesdays with MeMe

Tuesday was a beautiful day.

The kids ate a snack and then headed outside to soak up some

vitamin D.

I am tempted to use the newest catch phrase

Best Day Ever

but I won't because

any day spent with these kids

is the

Best Day Ever!

Abby after her guitar lesson.

She was so excited because she has

started learning chords.

She told me on the way back home that she was getting spots

on the end of her fingers from the guitar strings.

I am not sure she understood when I went

Woo Hoo

that is great!


Kim Lawson said...

Don't you love the sweater John Brady is wearing? It's Brady's wool sweater I shrunk in the dryer!

Joy said...

Yes, he looks really cute in that expensive sweater!