Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7 Months from Today

Courtney and Dave saw the OB doctor yesterday. Grandbaby # 5 is due February 12th 2012. When Court was pregnant with Lawson they decided not to announce until they saw the doctor and heard the heartbeat. With this baby Court has been so sick that she felt like people needed to know what was wrong. Working out of state and arranging a doctor appointment is not always easy! Dave said it was a really strong heartbeat!

I went to Birmingham and kept Lawson while Courtney and Dave went to the doctor. When Lawson and I got back to Courtney and Dave's house we were all talking about the new baby. Lawson walked by and I said "did you know that Mom went to see the doctor about the new baby today"? His eyes got ROUND, he got really excited, ran up to Courtney and practically screamed "DID IT COME OUT"! It's is going to be a long journey for him and a funny one for us!

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Kim Lawson said...

February 12 is a great due date. It was the day my Granny Hocutt was born. Plus it's very close to Emma's birthday!