Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eight is Enough

Once again our book club found a great book. Let me say that in our three years (yes, we had our 3 year anniversary this month) we have had a few books that we weren't that crazy about. Our only rule about picking books Oprah Book Club books......guess we don't have that rule to worry about any more. I think we all have the goal of trying to pick a book that isn't staring you in the face in every Target and Wal Mart but we have caved to public pressure in our picks a few times.....The Shack comes to mind.

If you haven't read this book...I highly recommend it. The characters in the book come to life and are likable, the mystery plot keeps you wondering and what I really liked was the religious setting and the look into Jewish life. I hated to see the book end!

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