Friday, July 8, 2011

Wednesday at the Beach

Or.....The Great Crab Hunt
As we were walking off the Boardwalk onto the beach to hunt crabs.....Lawson saw these 4 wheeler tracks and declared that it was going to be a great crab hunt because of the really big tracks that the crabs made in the sand!

1st catch

I am going to stop here and whine about how my aging eyes have affected my love of taking pictures. I have always loved to take pictures...just ask my kids! Though, I never could tell you what I was doing, I always played around with the lens opening to get good pictures. Back then I had good eyesight and a really steady hand. Well.....not so much any more. I use an automatic camera. Thank goodness for Kim and Dave. I think I still have a good eye for a picture but what difference does that make if you can't tell if you are in focus! So, as we were crab hunting, by the moonlight, my 35mm, set on automatic, could not pick up enough light to make a picture. I decided to go off automatic, open up the lens and see what I got. After all, I wasn't getting anything on automatic. So, this is what I got. You can tell I wasn't too steady but I thought they were kind of interesting, anyway.

We didn't find any big crabs this year...last year we didn't do a crab hunt...we were afraid of what we might step on after the oil spill. So, we were just happy we got to go crab hunting on a beach in Gulf Shores.
As we were walking up to our condo I just had to take a picture of this dragonfly. It was huge and John Brady was fascinated with it the whole week.


Kim Lawson said...

Yikes! Sorry about the pink panties! :o

Joy said...

Well Kim, as I said about my eyes....I didn't even notice!