Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Sister Dog

Hi, this is Bailey Lawson and I have temporarily taken over my Mother's blog.Friday morning was hot so when my Mother got up I looked through the kitchen door, with my most pitiful face, and she let me come in the house. I noticed that she was getting ready to go somewhere which made me antsy. 1. I did not want to go back outside and 2. I don't like staying at home alone. So again, I started trying to look pitiful.

Guess Mother opened the car door and said I could go with her. I hopped right in and off we went. It was a nice drive but there were lots of curves. After a while we met up with my Daddy and he started following us. I did not know where we were going and didn't care!

Finally, the car stopped and my Mother said I could get out. I couldn't believe my eyes.

IT WAS MY SISTER...I haven't seen her since I was 9 weeks old and that was 5 years ago.

Her name is Molly Hudson and, who knew, that she lives a couple of miles away in Hubbertville. I was so happy to see her. We smelled and smelled each other and then started running around the house. We got to play together for about an hour.

My Mom and Dad went to help Molly's mother with some trees and branches that needed cut from the bad storm we had in Fayette County a couple of months ago. My Mother got in ants and she started jumping around and Molly and I thought it was such fun.

Molly invited me to get in her swimming pool with I did. I had so much fun....I hope my Mother takes me back to visit my Sister!

Bailey - blue collar and smaller

Molly - thicker black collar

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