Thursday, August 16, 2012

Say It's Not So.........

Emma is going to Middle School
Surely that little tiny baby girl that captured our hearts 11 years ago can not be going to middle school. But, indeed, she will be at Echols Middle School this year.....and time keeps flying by!!

Speaking of time flying lockers have certainly changed. Now, they still look the same on the outside but take a look at the inside.
I remember we had to share a locker at Dixie Junior High. I hated using that locker. I never knew if my locker would open and then you had to figure out which book was yours.....I ended up just carrying all my books most of the time!
But, I think I might have enjoyed opening up my locker and having a mini vacation if it looked like the inside of Emma's locker!
Hope you have a great year EmEm!

1 comment:

kimberly t. bowling said...

I would so love to share a locker with Em...TOO COOL!