Monday, February 11, 2013

The Zip Line Surprise

Every year John and I try to have a surprise for our Grandchildren. Many times it will be something that stays at our house. We decided that this year it was going to be a zip line. Of course, this takes a lot of work to put up right had to be already up by the day we had Granny Lawson's Christmas. We did not know we were going to have Granny's get together when we purchased the zip line turned out to be great fun for all the kids. We told Emma, Abby, JB3 and Lawson....Lily didn't seem too concerned....that their Christmas Eve surprise would be ready and apparent when they came for Granny Lawson's Christmas at our house.
Talk about a hit. I wish I had kept up with how many rides happened that day!

Lined up to ride


Rusty helping Savannah
All the men in the family were tired and sore from helping the kids in and out of the harness
and helping them to buckle onto the line!!!

oh....the excitement

our first "ouchie"

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